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Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Eye Candy

There are a lot of folks around the world of blogs who have joined Pinterest. I don't have a Facebook account, which I'm pretty sure prohibits me from joining Pinterest. I have, however, found an equally addictive and fun time-killer at Etsy. Become a member (free and easy) and create a Treasury List. It's a composition of sixteen photographs of any item of your choice -- any Etsy item is free to choose. One fun thing about it is, it's all eye candy, of course. But it also promotes someone's hand craft and I think that's awesome. Here's my list from today -- September's Apples.

You can find my other lists here. I'm just getting started. ;-)


  1. Haha..no no, you don't need a facebook account to join pinterest, although you can join THROUGH facebook, but I don't like to be all digitally connected. I can just send you an invite and you can join up if you like (let me know!) and just register w/ your email & username.

  2. And if you go to the website and ask for an invite, you wait and wait and wait, like it's made of gold or it's royal and they just aren't sure if you are quite good enough for them. I've been waiting for quite a few days now. I'm not impressed at all. In fact, if they ever get around to inviting me, I'm not sure that I shall accept the invite. It's not all that in my opinion. I mean, if they don't want anyone but the cream of the crop, tell us that upfront. :) Sorry. :)

  3. Oh, I know, Anne, I requested an invite forever ago. I finally found someone who was already on there & had them invite me. It's really fun & user friendly. I sent you & Barbara an invite, just in case you want to join the fun!

  4. Well, I'm on pinterest and not impressed by it for this reason: it is another time waster. I get sucked in and want want want . . . drooling over "I wish" etc.. and it's terrible for my sense of balance. But, for those who can look and not want to the point of distraction (using it as a tool to work off of for design etc.) it's great!

  5. Yes, Sarah, you're right. Although I don't nearly spend as much time on it as I did in the first week or two that I had it. Now I really do just try to check it when I want to easily find something.

  6. I love the theme you picked, Barbara! In fact, "apples" are one--only ONE, mind you--of the best thing about the fall.


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