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Phil 4:6-7

Friday, August 26, 2011


52 weeks of daily life in pictures: trials and celebrations,  
the extraordinary and mundane -- 
whatever is unique to the week. 
Join me if you like.

An instagram of my favorite mug (black coffee within) and my favorite honey.
Noah's 15th birthday -- he enjoyed a Triple Layer Cheesecake (it was breezy outdoors hence his grandma's hands trying to keep the candles lit).

Faith waiting before surgery -- a tonsillectomy last Friday. A little nervous.

After surgery, not feeling so well.
The big kids and dad ( Josh's girlfriend is a big kid in our house) went to a ball game Saturday night -- the local minor league team, the Columbus Clippers. They went to a party in a suite and had all-you-can-eat junk food -- always a popular thing with teens.

Last Sunday, two days post-surgery, feeling perkier.

Faith, still in a nightgown (she was most of the week), when school books arrived -- always an exciting thing. Sorry, bad iPhone pic.

 Feeling better this week, Faith made a recipe from her princess cookbook -- Cucumber Sandwiches.

An instagram of Faith's first flower delivery. From my aunt and uncle. Very sweet.

First day of school for Noah -- 9th grade. Happy camper, can you tell?
This was Noah's first day of school-school since finishing kindergarten and he was pretty nervous.

 Mama forgot about his Schultüte
but I managed to get it made by the time he arrived home.

 I finished the market bag this week -- all that bedside knitting. It's very cute and I have used it twice -- once at the drug store and once at the office supply store.

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  1. A very eventful week at your house! Glad you have it all under your belt. I love your market bag!

  2. Great pictures!!! I'm so glad Faith is recovering well . . . so glad. I like that silver shultzy thing (Schultute)!!! What was inside??? Every year I would hope for chocolate and some stationery or something.

    I LOVE that market bag! it's absolutely smashing!

  3. I was wondering how the bag would look when done. It's SO cute! Bet you're glad this week is done...

  4. Glad to 'see' Faith getting up and around through the pics. We start school next week; and I do have all the schultute supplies, but haven't made them up, yet. I'd like to know what you put in for your son, too! I think boys are harder ... there are tons of cute, small, useful, inexpensive things for girls.

  5. Thanks, Sheila. I'm glad it's over with too.

    Hmm, what was in that bag, Sarah? Pens, mechanical pencils, Combos (his fave), tic tacs, bubble gum, a big disposable bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, a pack of disposable tissues. Unfortunately I had already bought most of his school supplies when I remembered to schultute.

  6. Yes, Barb. That week is done but this one is starting out crazy busy too!

    Susie, you can see in my comment to Sarah what was in Noah's schultute. I had already given him his school supplies because I forgot about the schultute until he was at school. I ended getting a few more things for back up and his favorite treats. Depending on the age I would recommend for boys -- a tiny Lego set, ear buds, an iTunes gift card or fast food ($5), a pen that has
    multiple colors, compass, and favorite food treats. I was going to give my son a tie (he wears a tie everyday to school) but we have so many it's ridiculous. ;-)


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