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Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yarning Along...

...with Ginny at Small Things.

I haven't participated in Ginny's Yarn Along in awhile, mostly because I have nothing exciting that I'm working on. I suppose the fact that I have been knitting some very practical items is very much like me...practical, but sometimes not really worthy of broadcasting. Ya know?

I'm showing a potholder because I always have a couple on needles all over (I make two identical rectangles in seed stitch and sew them together for a nice thick potholder) -- in the door pocket of my car, in the basket next to the sofa, sometimes in my purse. One can never make too many potholders, because they are nice to share. I do the same thing with bibs, even though we don't use bibs anymore. I would like to start a hoodie for a Christmas gift, but need to choose a yarn, and I'm having hard time choosing the right color. Everything seems difficult these days. The dog days of summer, I guess.

Faith and I, however, did not have a hard time choosing fairy tales at the library. Thanks to some motivation from Leila, we found a few of her favorites at the library and they have renewed some bedtime reading. Because Faith's bedtime reading has been more exciting than mine, I am featuring hers today. I had a hard time getting a picture of the cover of the book due the protective plastic, so I took this picture of Cinderella fleeing the ball -- bare foot and all. The pictures in the versions of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty that we borrowed were done by the same illustrator and they are stunningly beautiful.


These will definitely go on our list of books to pick up when we can find them for a great price. Faith found it fascinating that the stories are different from the Disney version. I suppose I have been remiss in introducing these to her in a version other than the familiar one. These stories are longish, but great for Faith because she really longs for picture books, but needs to be challenged by longer books. They might need to be broken up over a couple nights for younger children, but they are filled with beautiful vocabulary and, as I mentioned, gorgeous pictures.

Join Ginny at Small Things for more projects and good reads.



  1. I love having easy to pick up projects laying around so I can add a few stitiches whenever I find time. You're right about those illustrations - beautiful.

  2. Oh I need to make some potholders. Whst is the author of the fairy tale book? Such a beautiful copy!

  3. I find that often the children's literature is more exciting than mine!

    I don't do potholders, but I do the same thing with dishcloths...

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. Stacy,
    A few stitches here and there, and eventually you have a finished project!

    It is Amy, and I found the illustrator also illustrated The Twelve Dancing Princesses, which I just found for pennies at Amazon. Yea!

    The author (because they are fairy tales) is really just the "re-teller" of sorts and is the same as the illustrator in this case, K.Y. Craft.

    I find that often to be true, Debbie! Which is why I often chose a book to read from the children's section of the library -- and the older, the better!

  5. Beautiful book & love how the potholder has the same colors as that page.


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