Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Monday, June 20, 2011

The dark side wins, no matter what

I was really, really sad to read about Fr. Corapi's decision over the weekend. My faith has frequently been renewed by many of his talks on EWTN radio, and I have very mixed feelings over this "move" he is making.

It appears he is abandoning his vow, his vocation, and is choosing the public life over the religious life. For many reasons, I am disappointed in his decision, if it is, in fact, what it appears to be, but mostly because I just don't think good can come out on top, no matter what.

For one, I think any one who is as dynamic as Fr. Corapi will have a following. If good Catholics leave the Church, or even go astray within the Church, because they follow him -- after all, he claims to be a "sheepdog" -- that will be tragic, and the dark side wins.

If he is not leaving the Church, but just moving on to become a public speaker, there will be plenty of priest-bashers on the sidelines to disparage the Church because of his move. Yup, dark wins again.

If it is true that "misguided" bishops in this country wanted him out, and they have achieved their goal with this move, then, I hate to say it, but dark wins there, too.

And dark wins for the simple fact that Fr. Corapi as Father Corapi was a bright light for Our Lord Jesus. No matter how good a public speaker he is, as a regular man, his light just isn't quite as bright as it is in persona Christi, in my opinion.

I read through this rather long, but very interesting, blog post and I agree with much of what the author wrote. All the reasons the author gives for Fr. Corapi's move seem plausible to me, albeit weak reasons for such a drastic change of heart.

It's hard for anyone to know what is in Fr. Corapi's heart, and if he feels called by God to make the move he is making. I find it hard to believe God would call a man away from the priesthood. Just as in marriage, the priesthood is for better or for worse. No one who gets going when the going gets tough is worth following, no matter how good a sheepdog he claims to be.



  1. Here's an interesting take from Jimmy Akin with some apparent "new" information.

    It's just sad all around! I must admit that there is something strange about this whole situation. Either way...satan is involved and he must be taken down!

  2. I still need to sit down and read through what has transpired. (Part of me just wants to avoid it, but I know I can't.) Even though I haven't been keeping up, the bits and pieces that I have heard make me very sad. The dark side is definitely at work. Oh! It is so heart-breaking! (And maddening, too.)

    St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!

  3. i've been chewing on this since friday nite when i saw the video on facebook/you tube.

    i am deeply saddened because i have loved fr. corapi for years. he is a very powerful speaker and i always felt "re-charged" when i listened to one of his talks.

    none of us can know his heart, as you said, only it is frustrating to see that he seems to be breaking his vow.

    a vow, which as fulton sheen notes, when made to the Living God, has eternal consequences...and i guess all we can do in this situation (so that the darkness does not gain yet ANOTHER victory) is to remain faithful. and hopeful. as God is merciful and just and perhaps there is a loophole somewhere. for a seemingly good man. who is in a bad situation. and who is trying to do the right thing with all he has left?

    heaven help us all!

    mother mary, please pray for our priests!

  4. But the thing is--the dark side doesn't win in the end. "And the dark shall not overcome it."
    "The gates of Hell shall not prevail against it..."
    We cannot give in to despair.

  5. I thought he wasn't actually leaving the priesthood at first..but now I found out he is. It is really sad. I feel that leaving the priesthood could not be God's will.

  6. As Emily said, "and the dark shall not overcome it."

    This is a distressing situation. All we can (and must!) do is pray. Pray for Father Corapi, pray for the Church, and keep our priests and bishops in prayer. All we have to do is remain faithful - that's it. God wins - He does!

  7. Barbara - Thank you for putting into words much of what is in my heart as well. My heart aches. I have been praying Memorare after Memorare for Fr Corapi - Our Lady swooped him from the depths before and is able again to do the same.

  8. Prayer, not despair.

    I have a tendency--when things get weird--to turn away and focus on what's "normal." In this case, it's my family.

    Father Corapi is outside my circle of influence but I can and will pray for him. John and I heard him speak once--he was a great guy and an even better priest--so, well, yeah. We'll leave this one up to Our Father in heaven and try not to overthink it too much.

    It is weird though, isn't it? And you are right to see Satan's hand in some of it. And yet, he doesn't have the upper hand--he never will-although he knows that it's a fight to the finish.

  9. Dearest friends,
    Please know that I have not lost hope. I DO know that Light will win over Dark in the end. But in this situation it is hard to see the light coming out on top, though with God all things ARE possible. Just another example of how we must pray, pray, pray. And we must never believe that we are not all in danger of taking "the gate that is wide and the road broad that leads to destruction."

  10. The whole thing makes me sick. I wrote about it today, too. Sarah's right: pray, pray, pray! That's about all we can do these days.

  11. Hi Barbara, I had been wondering what he was doing with "his exile" from his priestly duties and EWTN. I love Fr Corapi and I'm going to have to read that blog post you mentioned. He doesn't seem like the type that quits under the pressure. I can't imagine Our Lady would allow him to do that either. She wants him leading us faithful to Christ.

    Is there a way to reach him? So he knows he has faithful Christians who are praying for him to stay strong?

  12. Noreen,
    You can leave a message on his blog, if you like.

  13. I did go and comment on his blog with so many others. There is such division among the faithful regarding his decision in this mess. And it's a mess. I blogged about it too and I pray that Fr. Corapi is following God's will for him and not his own.


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