Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My uncle is preparing for his daughter's wedding this weekend and for some reason he came across this photograph of Doug and me. It was taken at our wedding rehearsal. Doug looks a little, um, hammered, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't. He also looks like my oldest son, or I guess my oldest son looks like him.

The photograph makes me feel reeeeally old. Oh my, but that was a lifetime ago. A different body ago, many gray hairs ago. I'm going to blame four young people for all that change.

I sent it to Doug and he responded from his office "that was one hot momma" (though I was not yet a momma). So this afternoon I brushed my teeth and put on some lipstick before he came home. It's an attempt anyway. Right? I also baked some brownies for backup. Always have a Plan B.


Last night we had a big storm blow through around 9 o'clock and around 9:30 the power went off. We lit some candles and after the excitement of the storm wore off, I took a candle and went upstairs with a book. It was so relaxing, I was actually disappointed when the power came back on. Note to self, light and candle and read in bed by candlelight more often. Hey, sounds like a Plan C, eh?


I was weeding the garden this evening (and yesterday evening, and I think the evening before that) and I realized I could weed my yard every moment of every day from now until the end of the summer and I would never be on top of it. It's ten times worse than laundry. And messier. If I wrote a book on gardening it would be called The Reluctant Gardener. I love to have a garden and have success at growing plants, but I hate to sweat. It's probably the reason I am not athletic. I try to limit my gardening activities to after dinner when it's cooler and the majority of my yard is in the shade, but still, the activity itself makes me sweat. Urg. And I have weed-pulling muscles in my backside that are very out of shape (didn't know you had weed-pulling muscles in your backside?). At least my knock-out roses are living up to their name and I saw about a gazillion strawberries in varying shades of plump and green (if I could just get one before some animal does).


I feel fairly sure the wedding couple I mentioned last week (my cousin and her fiance) have received their gift of wedding rosaries, so go over to my rosary blog if you want to see them. I was feeling a bit nostalgic last night when I posted that scripture verse, and now receiving this photo today, I have been thinking quite a bit about my own wedding day over 25 years ago. Sigh.

Off to light a candle now. G'night.


  1. First of all, Barbara, I LOVE that peony on your header. Gorgeous.

    You and I could be twins in so very many ways... yet different:
    a lifetime ago (29 years for us),
    a different body (6 children to blame here),
    many gray hairs ago (I color),
    the Reluctant Gardener (no roses,too cold),
    hatred of sweat...

    That very young couple was just as beautiful then as they are now. God bless you both.

  2. Thank you, Lori, for your kindness. We could be twins!

  3. Barbara, the rosaries are so beautiful! And your rehearsal pic is lovely too...I have some pics like that also, 26 years ago, no gray hair, size 1 body (did I eat then??) but I like to garden...don't like to sweat.

  4. I like your new sidebar pic!

    I am having a hard time..just finding TIME to work outside in the garden. My babe is a busy busy babe.


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