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Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yarning Along...winter thaw edition

...with Ginny.

Like the weather in many areas across the country, winter weather in Ohio is taking a spring break. We always have a lovely thaw in February, or at least we have since my Joshua was born in late February (19 years ago) and I started noticing. Of course, it will get cold and snow some more until mid-April, but it's always nice to have this peek of spring in February. The kids get their bikes out and chalk in the street and clamor for time outdoors before dinner. And I get a few minutes of peace between the last subject and setting the dinner table. Happy sigh.

Today I didn't have a chance to take pics and post them until late so I apologize for losing most of Wednesday, but better late than never.

I finished Kit's sweater and though it's far from perfect it was a great project to work on right before I start my very first real sweater. The doll sweater is a one piece, top down pattern, and it's fairly easy, even though you have to keep track of the pattern which I am notoriously awful at. Ugh. Not perfect, but fine for Kit. I just used some stash yarn -- nothing special.

I cast on a hat last night -- for my son's girlfriend using the leftover scarf yarn, but it's not far enough along to take a pic.


I also finished up a bib I made using some green variegated cotton, for a sweet baby boy, and thought I would share it because it's so cute, and practical. The bottom of the bib is made with a seed stitch -- just knit a square (or close to a square)  -- and the "tie" is a garter stitch with two button holes on one side and stitched to the top of the bottom on the other. I love these simple bibs, and though I was not a knitter when my kids used bibs, I have been told by recipients that they wash up great.

My read is what Faith is reading aloud to me for school -- Little House in the Big Woods. She is not a big fan of reading and we've tried this book a few times before, but she is "tolerating" it now,  and comprehending very well. We've been reading it for a week or so and she is beginning to look forward to the next part. Success!

The copy of the book in the picture is my very own copy, at least 40 years old -- I dare say it's vintage. ;-)



  1. oh, my. I love the doll sweater! If my Anna sees that, I know what will be on my needles very soon.

  2. The doll sweater turned out great!! I bet Faith just loves it! That bib is super cute, too ... I should give that a try. How many stitches did you cast on?

  3. oh that kit sweater is GREAT!
    that yummy blue yarn is dreamy. like a sea of spring clouds.
    and vintage books that once belonged to mama are the best!
    i know my girl has had such fun reading all of my old anne of green gables books...it's like sharing a friend!
    happy wednesday, barb. glad you are having a "thaw"...y'all must've sent the cold weather this way...it is a rainy. dreary. awful day here.

  4. I still have my set of Little House books. Paperbacks, in a box--and reread until they are falling apart. I got Middle Sister her own set because mine, I don't think, would survive one more read!

    What a cute little bib :)

  5. I think the sweater looks great! I love the bib too. Never thought about knitting a bib!

  6. I love the sweater! My daughter has American girl dolls... I really should knit for them!

  7. I think it is lovely you still have your copy of Little House. "My" copy was my sisters . . .I read her copies over and over and over again. ;) The Kit sweater is darling and the bib adorable.

    I got the CD!!!! Mahalo nui loa!!!! Many thanks! I listened to How Great Thou Art on the way to pick up Rachel from school early today (she hit her head and got an headache) and I was in tears! I know it's Protestant-ish but the words are moving none the less - and I always tear up when I hear a good rendition of this one. Hugs to you and mucho Aloha!

  8. Jenny,
    It was actually very fun to knit because I have never done a sweater.

    You will just have to wait and see. ;-)

    Regan, Sorry the weather went west! ;-) It's pretty dreary here today.

    This and one Nancy Drew are all the books that I had from my childhood, Barb. I think I must have read all library copies!

    The bibs are fun (and cute).

    Erin, I have a feeling this won't be my last -- it was fun. And quick.

    Glad you got the CD, Sarah. Blast it!

  9. the bib is adorable as is the sweater for Kit! you've been quite busy my dear :) love the book too, always good to have a classic going, hugs xo

  10. Love your knitted items! I'm working on a baby blanket for a friend...not far along on it but if I have time, I might make a bib or two, or baby socks to go with it. I need to send the items to Oz, so I need to get cracking - she's due this month!

    Shelley @ Kitten Knits Yarn


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