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Phil 4:6-7

Friday, December 10, 2010

Kitchen Sink Party


Happy Friday dear friends. I hope this day has brought you good things, happy thoughts. I didn't plan to post anything today. I'm feeling a little wordless, which is very unlike me. I'm also very busy creating rosaries, knitting Christmas gifts, sewing a baby quilt, and fretting about un-purchased Christmas gifts (this is a really ridiculous thing to fret about -- I just wish people would not buy every single thing they want at the moment they want it).

I cleaned up my stash of beads last weekend (oh what a job) and I felt horribly guilty that I had collected so much and it was not being used. So I have been frantically stringing rosaries in the past few days, some commissioned jobs and some just for fun. If you need a handmade rosary for someone, please check out the "Available Now" rosaries at Prayerful Beads now or in the next week and you'll find some new things.

Anyway...about kitchen sinks. I saw Leila's post (dontcha just love Leila?) and feeling very domestic lately (as I do when it gets so cold that all I want to do is stay in my home) I decided to participate.

I can't say my kitchen sink is very pretty. It is very simple (like me) and very unadorned (like me). There is enough clutter here and there (not mine, but those I pick up after) all over my house, that I need to have a clean (read: uncluttered) kitchen.

My kitchen is small by today's standards (you can see the whole thing here -- though we painted over the summer and the border is now gone and new window treatments are up, and my microwave now matches), but it is efficient. With just a few steps, I can get where I need to be. The only exception is the island, which prevents me from taking a straight path from the sink to the fridge and back again. But without the island I would have almost no counter space, and so I need the island. The island is where I do all my work, by and large.

My sink is to the right of the dishwasher, so I usually stack to the right, rinse and then load on the left (with the exception of sharp knives which always go on the ledge behind the sink -- never, never put sharp knives in your dish water, or the dishwasher). I have one of those sinks with a small sink on one side (with the disposal) and a really large sink on the other. I planned it that way when we renovated the kitchen, and I like it that way. Because of the little sink with the disposal, I do have to plan ahead when doing dishes to make certain I have all my dishes scraped and rinsed, and the little sink scoured, before I start washing anything that didn't go in the dishwasher.

I have a long dishwashing post in the works (along with a laundry series), but at this point they are just in my head. I do love to have an organized system of washing however, and I think it's a good practice to get in to.


This morning, like most mornings, I have a sink full of soapy water with a few breakfast dishes in it, like the pot from the oatmeal. I make one sinkful of soapy water in the morning (really hot water and Palmolive dish soap) and one late in the afternoon for dinner prep. With really hot water and Palmolive (they are not paying me to say this, it is just that with experience I have learned that this brand's bubbles last the longest) the morning's dishwater lasts until after lunch and the dinner dishwater lasts until after dinner -- if I do things right -- and that's the subject of another post.



  1. What kind of mat is that you use instead of a towel? Curious. Thanks!

  2. It is this one Charlotte: http://www.comforthouse.com/drymatekitchendrymat.html?feed=ysw

  3. Oooooo, so pretty. I love the knife rack, the fabric above the window, all your stuff. So sunny and pretty.

  4. I think it's nice. It looks like you have a lovely view out your window!

  5. I know I would love it there in your kitchen! The valance is so pretty -- it tells you that the person there isn't so very plain after all :)

    Everything looks incredibly clean and tidy. And that mat idea is something I NEED to look into!

    Thanks so much!

  6. Thank you, Elisa. I love the knife rack, too -- it gets them out of the drawer (you have no idea how many times I opened the drawer for a knife!).

    Thank you, Briana. It is lovely. There's a creek out there in the ravine that I can see, and it snowed last night so it was very pretty this morning.

    Leila, It would be grand to pour a couple cups of coffee and sit over a plate of vanilla biscotti with you. (The cookie jar in the picture is shamefully empty!) My husband actually picked out the fabric at the window, I just did the sewing! I have fabric at all my windows -- I just can't get used to a naked window, even though we don't need the privacy. But now that I think about it, most of the fabric is a solid color. I'm plain -- really! Or maybe we can say "classic!"

  7. Very nice sink; I'm drooling over your faucet! I like the idea of keeping the sink full of sudsy water.

  8. I joined the party today!

    I'm checking the linky's now and was pleasantly surprised to find you!!

    Someone I know!!

  9. Your kitchen reminds me of my friend's, where we would gather our families together on a regular basis. The kids and dads would eventually scatter onto other rooms, leaving us to enjoy a cup of tea and one another's company. I think your kitchen looks like the perfect place for a cup of tea!
    It is so inviting.

  10. "coffee cup: usually with cold coffee in it"

    LOL. My life too.

    I have a drying mat too, but yours is way cooler.

    But I won't just go out and buy it. I'll put it on my list, and wait, and wait, and wait.

    I have tall faucet envy. I actually considered asking for a tall faucet for my birthday. Wondered how annoyed my husband would get if/when I insisted he take it out and reinstall it every move.

  11. I love your stove! :) You have a very nice kitchen and I picked up a couple of dish drying mats at BB&B this morning. I go through too many dishtowels doing dishes.

  12. Barb.. your kitchen is beautiful... just like you! I would love to come and visit you and your kitchen.
    I may just have to do this topic...
    once I get my living room cleaned, since that is what I see from my kitchen.
    Hmmmm. Maybe not.

  13. Very nice kitchen sink area :) I, too, enjoy simplicity, but fail miserably with too much clutter.

    Linking up from Like Mother, Like Daughter.

    Have a lovely week, Tamara

  14. Ok this is so beautiful AND functional! That's my favorite combo.
    I am going to have to steal so many of your ideas!
    I can't believe I have never clicked over to your blog before...it's about time.
    I'm going to add you to my reader and look forward to your dish washing post, very interested!

  15. Sara,
    My husband picked up the faucet at Home Depot as a replacement faucet for the original to the kitchen renovation (10 years ago). He put it in this summer one day when I was in Cincinnati with my mom (what a nice surprise!). I think it's a Moen.

    I'm glad you joined the party, Jamie. Your sink is, as I suspected it would be, nice and clean!

    Thank you, Jenny. You're sweet.

    I say you go for the faucet! I remember we wanted to take a light fixture with us from one house to the other, we just saved the old one and put it back up before we put the house on the market.

    Cheryl, Thank you. Yes, my mom picked those up for me because I went through way too many towels too!

    Meg, Skip cleaning the kitchen and just come and visit, ;-)

    I am a hopeless thrower-awayer. Often I throw away things I regret throwing away, but I can't help myself. I hate clutter! :-)

    I'm so glad you visited. Please do come again. I'll work on that dishwashing post!


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