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Phil 4:6-7

Friday, September 17, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday -- Late, Late Edition

It is still Friday? Sheesh, one day I'm asking "is it Friday yet?" and then next I'm saying "how can it be over already?"

"Make up your mind already," you're thinking.

It was a week. I think this happens every year -- we just start to get into a good school swing and somebody gets sick. Usually it's Faith. After her fever was gone on Wednesday she was just mouthy and cranky. Yuck. Yesterday she sat on the bench six times. I think that girl and I are going to have some battles of the wills. And I will win (at least in my own head)!

I have made a huge breakthrough in knitting -- I graduated to really good yarn (you know, the kind you purchase at real yarn shops and not warehouse craft stores) and I don't think I'll ever be able to go back. I don't mind cheap cotton yarn -- it's still very functional and I sort of like its roughness and practicality. But wool -- cheap wool is just nothing compared to the good stuff. I ordered some kettle-dyed wool/silk blend and it is so wonderful to use. I could right a whole post on this yarn, but I'll just skip to #3 and talk about it there.

I bought the "special" yarn to make a scarf for my Goddaughter for Christmas. She is a budding photographer starting at an art school in Maryland and I bought her a bright pink down vest (every photographer needs a down vest!). The scarf will go with the vest. The pattern is funky and fun to knit (even if I did have to rip it out three times). I finally got it right. The pattern is here (Easy Drop Stitch Scarf under Free Patterns in the sidebar) and the yarn is Manos silk blend in woodland.

Isn't it incredibly yummy?

My Joshua is in love. I didn't think I would blog about it, and I'm not going to say much, except I really never saw this coming and I am so knocked for a loop. How can a mother ever prepare for her son to give his heart to another girl? On one hand, I am so happy that he has found love outside of our family, and it obviously makes him very happy, and I want him to be happy. On the other hand, I want to bare my teeth like a wild dog and scare her away.

Are you scared?

Switching subjects, back to knitting, or crochet as the case may be. Sara turned me on to car knitting. Does that scare you? Well, I don't knit while I'm actually moving in the car, but you can make quite a bit of progress at red lights in the city. I'm working on this hat for the homeless. It's a nice, practical cotton.

Faith is starting Little Flowers next week and I'm so excited. I never thought I'd get her into a group because they were either really full or really far away, but as it turns out, she and her best friend are making up a group all by themselves. It's such sweet fun -- if you read Jessica's blog I'm sure you've seen what sweet fun it can be. (Thank you, Jessica, for all your great ideas!).

Faith and I are having girls' night tonight while the boys are at a high school football game, so the end of this post is my cue to go find something fun to do with my girl.

Have a glorious weekend. It's halfway through September you know, and I haven't appreciated this month one bit. So this weekend, I'm going to appreciate September. I hope you do, too.

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  1. That yarn and that scarf pattern are gorgeous!! Have a wonderful weekend ... Off to finish up the packing!

  2. Love the yarn!

    I did not get Therese's blanket done before she arrived. Now that she's here, my arms are full! The blanket may become a 1st birthday present.

    I would like to find a Little Flowers group here. Hope Faith likes it as much as my older girls did.

  3. Car knitting??? Is that like texting while driving??? :)
    Beautiful scarf yarn! And sons in love...sigh...
    Have a wonderful weekend, Barbara :)

  4. Sarah,
    Oh -- great weekend for you!

    Some day soon you'll get to knit again. For now enjoy full arms!

    It's exactly like texting while driving ;-) except I don't do it while the car is moving!

    Thanks. I could feel your sigh of recognition.

  5. Knitting in the car is NOT exactly like texting and driving! Here, at least, knitting is not illegal. :-) Plus, it's much, much easier to stop your knitting between stitches---I'd be less inclined to leave my text until the next redlight---if I were texting.

    Loving that yarn and scarf pattern! I might have to make one of those.

    I'm so not ready for children in love.

  6. As a long time (35 years-yikes)knitter - NOTHING beats good quality yarn. I was told many years ago that knitting with poor quality yarn was like cooking with inferior ingredients. Honor the craft and the time you spend by using the best yarn for the project. I will point you in the direction of KnitPicks - they have wonderful yarns, good prices and encourage new/small scale designers to submit their patterns. I've been using their yarns for years now and have never found a yarn I didn't love.

    By the by, please all be very careful knitting in the car - I got slightly impaled by a metal double-point a number of years ago. I wasn't driving, but the driver had to hit the brakes suddenly and my knitting needle ended up between my hand and the dash. Now its strictly wooden double-points and circulars in the car.

    Have a wonderful weekend - I'm gonna work on a dragon-scale knitted vest for DH.

  7. Okay so I was, like, all empathetic about your son's coming-of-age story and then--whammo!--you post that wolf photo.

    I'm sorry, but you lost your audience to a fit of giggles at that point.

    And about that yarn? GORGEOUS! Love the sweater, love the thought that you bought a pink down vest for your goddaughter. What a sweetie you are.

    However, and this is your adopted (but just as concerned) baby sister talking, I do not approve of knitting at those stop lights. It's not that I'm jealous over all of your beautiful handiwork (which I am) but rather, that I think that being distracted while driving (in any way) is dangerous.

    End of sermon. This from the lady who's addicted to checking her email and Twitter and has her five-year-old holler out, "It's green!"

  8. Uh-Oh...you have touched on a subject that I totally dread! I can't even imagine my son being in love! Granted, he's only 10...but still....this is something I so wish to avoid. Although, I do think about grandchildren...Sigh...

  9. Sara,
    For me knitting in the care is like texting -- forbidden while the car is moving. True -- not illegal, but it would be if enough people did it!

    Luci -- Yes, love Knit Picks -- that's where I got my beautiful needles. Yikes on the needle in the hand -- I think I'll stick with crochet hooks in the car!

    I admit I had to Google dragon-scale -- Wow! Very cool.

    Margaret --
    Do you mean my wolf didn't scare you? Well, it didn't scare the girl either. Pooh. No crocheting while driving, dear friend -- mostly parking lot stitching, or really long lights. Unlike texting (or checking email) I can can watch the light and crochet at the same time. ;-)

    Trust me, when your son falls in love for the first time (unless he's 29) you won't be thinking grandchildren -- far from it, I'm afraid! ;-)

  10. I will be the wolf...
    There is no other out there good enough for my kids.
    Lord help me when this happens.

    Best of luck to you..son and his new LOVE!

  11. I'm impressed with your knitting


I appreciate your comments -- sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself!