Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Daybook...mid September


Outside my window...
...it's cool this morning. It was hot all weekend during the day, but it seems to have cooled off. It feels different this morning than yesterday. No humidity maybe. I see tomorrow is supposed to be back up to 90. Ugh. Still no rain. I feel for the farmers. What an awful life, always waiting for the weather to turn.

I am thinking...
...about stuff. My head is filled with the stuff life is made of -- money, obligations -- stuff that makes my stomach churn. St. Francis of Assisi knew what he was doing when he gave it all away and went to live with the lepers -- no obligations except to God. I'm afraid neither my children nor my husband would be too happy with me if I did that.

I am thankful for...
...Benadryl. Isn't that an awful thing to be thankful for? But it helps me sleep occasionally, and that's a good thing (especially when I am thinking about serious things -- see "I am thinking...")

From the learning rooms...
...Week four. Playing catch-up with Faith from her illness last week -- we have some science to catch up on. We are using Behold and See which she really seems to enjoy. There are a lot of experiments, however, and I have terrible guilt skipping them, so then they become a burden. I think tomorrow will be science experiment day. Noah is zooming through his work, but he doesn't seem to enjoy much of it, which makes me sad. I suppose he is like me, task-oriented. He just likes to be finished. I hope that love of learning will come when he finds something he loves. He seems to enjoy history more than other subjects. I was just like he is as a child and I have certainly come to love learning, which gives me great hope.

From the kitchen...
...Jamie's chili. Today is our first Little Flowers meeting and the chili can simmer while we have our meeting. Heart-shaped Divine Mercy cookies are our snack for the meeting, and we can enjoy the leftovers for dessert tonight.

I am wearing...
...khaki pants, a blue and white blouse, Haflinger clogs -- my uniform (a Catholic girl through and through).

I am creating...
...a scarf for my niece, and a hat for my church knitting ministry.

I am reading...
...Julia Andrews Home: A Memoir of the Early Years. It's a fascinating book -- she most definitely did not have the life I have imagined she had.

I am hoping...
...Geoff's financing comes through today or tomorrow. School starts Wednesday and tuition must be paid. It gives me a stomachache thinking about it (see "I am thinking..." above).

I am hearing...
...the birds. The back door is open letting in cool air and the sound is of the birds busy in the trees.

Around the house...
...laundry and ironing. And sweeping -- the dog is losing her undercoat and balls of dog fuzz (it's really more like cotton balls) blow across the floor every time a little gust of air picks up. I could sweep three times a day and it wouldn't be enough. Someone tell me why a dog loses its undercoat at the end of summer. Does that make sense?

One of my favorite things...
...something baking in the oven. I made Critter Crunch this morning to have for snacking and the cinnamon and butter smells like Fall.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
...Little Flowers today, orthodontist and dental appointments later in the week. Geoffrey coming home for dinner tomorrow, Josh's driving test Thursday, the Homecoming game on Friday and the dance on Saturday. It's a week.

A picture thought...

A Princess tea party just outside my living room window. My daughter needs a haircut. And some thickener. ;-)



  1. Lovely tea party!

    Hoping all will go well on the $ front. It's that time of year for us as well, and of course it seems like EVERYONE has their hand out right now!

  2. I am all about the princess tea party. And I really liked Home--she certainly had an interesting life! I wish she'd write another volume about Sound of Music and Mary Poppins too.

  3. Prayers for you that the financing comes through...with two boys now in college I am firmly convinced the whole college thing is a money sucking machine....yes, they get an education and degree...but the cost...UGH! :(

  4. It's funny you should mention science experiments with Behold & See. Nathan has to make a plastic bottle and balloons simulate lungs and a diaphragm this week! Eeesh. I'm not looking forward to it....at all.

  5. Barb,
    Well, the $$ has not come through. The university is sitting on the papers that verify he is enrolled. Then there is a six-day waiting period after the loan company receives them back. Bottom line? Big late fees. And a stomachache!

    I get the feeling Home will not be the last book.

    College is SUCH a money sucker. I hate it, really I do. I no longer have any faith in higher education, and I think it's a sin the way our kids just automatically go from high school to college, with little thought involved. THAT'S a blog post for another day!

    Well Tuesday is here and gone and still no science experiments. Good Lord help me find time!


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