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Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wanted: Dog Whisperer

O.K. then. She did it again (#3 here). Third time. Same spot. I don't think she ate the paint this time, but used her claw to scratch at the paint -- a spot about the size of a baseball.

What can I assume about this situation?

The dog lost her mind? Well, she's normal in every other way.

She has some odd nutritional deficiency? I don't think she ate the paint this time, so probably not.

There is something inside the wall that she smells? I'd really rather not think that thought, especially since I can not get inside the wall without ripping the drywall off the wall.

She is extremely bored and finds it very exciting to scratch the paint off the wall in the exact same place three times? I can think of about a million things more exciting even for a dog.

Are there are dog whisperers among my readers? Any thoughts? Any suggestions?



  1. Get bitter apple spray and spray the area down . . . most dogs loathe it and it worked with Holly when she was chewing the furniture. Look up the breed and see if there are any characteristic things . . . check that Caesar Milan guy out . . . Good luck!

  2. Goodness, Barb! It does seem that something is drawing her to that particular spot...a dog's sense of smell is so very keen and she's not doing this anywhere else. I wonder if it would be possible to treat the wall with something that would mask or confuse the scent she's detecting. Hope you figure it out...

  3. Oh you poor thing! You have good ideas as possibilities but how can you know for sure? Does your vet have any ideas? One thing I thought of - this reminds me of Jessica's house - she's doing remodeling and when they opened the walls they found piles of dog food, even though they haven't had a dog in the house for years. Apparently there were some mice keeping a stash in the walls. Perhaps something is in there like you said, but perhaps the bitter apple would be enough to deter. I hope you find the answer! Pray to St. Francis and St. Anthony. :-)

  4. And if you are desperate, stick a piece of furniture in front of it for awhile. Maybe that will keep her from doing it.


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