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Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Hall

Are you tired of looking at my walls yet? I apologize if this looks like it has become a home decorating blog. Truly it has not. But that's almost all I'm doing these days, and what's on my mind is usually what's on this blog. ;-)

This week my mom and I painted the kitchen and then I took everything, including the shelves, out of the pantry and painted it. We bought some free-standing commercial grade shelves that we are going to use instead of attached shelves in there. I hope I like them since it was a pretty permanent change. I took down the wallpaper border I had in the kitchen and then I painted the kitchen the same color that it already was (my mother-in-law thinks I'm nuts!), except now there are no nicks or marks (or food!). Now the walls are completely Custard Cream with no breaks (the border) and I love the clean, fresh look.

Anyway, back to the hall. Remember when I told you that my mom and I painted the walls in the foyer (that was just a week ago), and it was uber bright? And that my husband came home from work and called it "a color that does not exist in nature"? And that he sent me back to the paint store for a different color? Well, he took a half day off work and painted over the "unnatural" color, and now he likes it a lot. In fact, everyone who has seen it likes it a lot, except me. I wanted to brighten the hall and it's darker than it was before. But, I am choosing to like it -- it's all in the attitude.

I don't have before pictures per se, but I do have a couple pics where you can see the original color.

This is the wall next to the front door where I had my new chips taped so I could decide which color I liked.

And here is a picture of Faith at Easter.

The table on the wall between the living room and the front door.

The framed picture above the table next to the door. I love this print. It was a Christmas card with this famous nativity printed on it. The large mat really brings the picture into focus. It was in my dining room, but looks pretty here with the green background. I think I found the frame with mat at Target -- see, you don't really have to spend a lot to have a nice piece of art. Simple, but beautiful.

View from the stairs down the hall toward the kitchen. The door is the powder room. Framed are old photographs of my great grandparents (on the left) and Doug's grandparents. I love old pictures of family, as you'll see below.

View from the front door, stairs (obviously) on the left and living room on the right. Dining area and kitchen are straight down the hall.

Closer view of hall looking toward the dining area and kitchen.

Family pictures -- great grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles -- pictures dating back a century.

PS. The final color is Behr Premium Olivine.



  1. Well, I think it looks very pretty, Barbara. I like the green with the dark-wood frames and table and then with the white molding and banister. (We are having white molding in our new house =) Oh, and I think the old photos are a great idea. And the Christmas card, too! I'm going to tuck these ideas away for when I am finally able to decorate my new house.

    You truly have a lovely home!

  2. I love that color! It looks so good with the adjacent rooms also!

  3. I understand your desire to make things "lighter" in the hallway, but the green is a perfect foil for your other colors (and won't show dirt as easily as the lighter shades would!). That green is a "workhorse": you can spin any number of accessory hues against it in the future and they will ALL look good. Everything is just lovely! -- from your floral designer friend, Rosemary

  4. Thanks, Sarah. You'll have a lovely blank slate to play with.

    Thank you, Sheila.

    Thanks, Rosemary. You're right about the dirt, that's for sure! I appreciate your vote of confidence. :-)

  5. okay, I'm jumping on the "love the color" bandwagon. It looks great!

  6. Yes, it looks lovely. It even has a lovely name! I think green can be very cheerful----you know, the color of Hope. And Custard sounds pretty dreamy.

  7. Thanks, Aimee. I guess I'm outvoted. ;-)

    Yes, you're right about green. And the Custard Cream is really nice, too (even if it is the same color!).


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