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Phil 4:6-7

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Late night -- and you?


I stayed up to watch Sarah Palin give her speech last night. I imagine you did, too. I could have DVRd it for today, but you only live once, right?

I thought she was awesome. She may have made a few more digs on the opposition than I thought necessary, but that was her call. And, I was a little surprised by the fact that she avoided talking about the pro-life issues, but I guess we already know how she stands on those.

One thing that is bugging the crap out of me, and has been for days, is the fact that the media, mostly the liberal media, but also some of the "neutral" (Ha!) and conservative folks, are continually harping on the question, "Is she ready to be president?"

Has anyone noticed that she's not running for president? Has anyone looked at Biden and said, "Hey, is he really ready to be president?"

I know that part of it is the far-left fear that she's going to hit a grand slam, and they are trying to discredit her in any way they can.

But with some of the middle-of-the-road and to-the-right guys talking about it, I'm thinking that everybody believes McCain is going to kick the bucket any day. I don't get that. Why is McCain any more likely than Obama to die in office? My grandma is old enough to be his mother, and while she's not running for president, she's still with us, in mind and body. When is the last time, besides Kennedy's assassination, that the VP had to step in? I could be wrong, but I think it was when FDR died in office and Truman stepped in. That was over 50 years ago.

Anything is possible, I know. But, I really wish the media -- especially the guys on the right -- would start speculating about whether or not Palin is going to be a good VP instead of shooting her straight to the Oval Office.

NOTE: If you haven't heard her speech, you can catch it here.


  1. Barbara,

    Thanks for this lively post.

    I too watched Sarah Palin; she hit many home runs last night. I believe that she is a gifted orator and will do very well in the upcoming debates. Let us all continue to pray for her.

    Has anyone seen McCain's mom? She is well in to her 90's. Perhaps good genes and longevity are in his favor. Only God knows when He will call him home though, and that might not be for sometime.

    I was thinking last night about how John McCain is truly trying to serve the American people. Who in there 70's would want that kind of stress and tough job? It is usually a time to pare back and enjoy the retirement years. Yet, he doesn't take the comfortable route.

    I like that about him. When most people are saying he's too old to run for President; he is showing us that he is not!!!

    I really enjoyed watching Palin's family come out on stage after her speech. That was a Pro-Life statement in itself!!

    Let us pray for McCain to do well tonight and especially for their campaign as they are the party that is standing up for life.

    All I can say about Biden is I am really glad that he didn't become a Priest!!! With his liberal views; who knows how many souls would have been lost.

    God Bless!

  2. You are right on with the media!!

    I started watching her speech, but fell asleep...her speech was great, I'm just getting used to this getting up early thing!!! I DO really like her!

  3. has anyone paid attention to McCain's mom. If McCain is old then she is REALLY old and it looks to me like she is alive and STILL kicking. I think she looks AWSOME for 90 something.

  4. I liked Sarah Palin's speech too. I am grateful we don't have cable television so we aren't continually pounded with the blatant bias toward Obama.

  5. Actually the last time the VP stepped in was 1973 when President Nixon resigned. President Ford (then VP) had taken over after Vice President Agnew resigned. Somewhat earlier and very tragically Lyndon Johnson became President after President Kennedy was assassinated. That was November 22, 1963.

  6. Anonymous -- yes, I mentioned Kennedy/Johnson. I guess, in my mind, I was referring to a president dying in office -- due to illness/age. I think folks assume, because of McCain's age, that he is at great risk for dying in office. His mom sure looks great doesn't she?

  7. If we were all SO worried about McCain dying in office, how is it that he won the nomination?
    This is all just a smokescreen, because the opposition is Very Afraid.

  8. As the wife of someone who diagnoses folks with cancer daily, I have to differ with everyone else's take that it is unlikely that McCain will live out 4 years. His strain of melanoma kills 100% of the folks who get it, it isn't like getting colon cancer or breast cancer and eventually dying of something else- his version of melanoma is a very nasty disease.

    However, I have great faith that Sarah Palin would make a great president. I am voting for her rather than for McCain.


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