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Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Princess Propriety

Rated PG

The other day, when I wrote about the lack of modest costumes on Disney's princesses at the ice show, I mentioned that I had made a recent discovery about Walt Disney that had me second-guessing Disney's good intent. Since my first child was born, and we became, like so many other families in America, bosom buddies with the Walt Disney corporation, I assumed Disney had good intentions, though sometimes misguided methods. Though I read about many groups who liken Disney to Satanists, I never believed there was malice involved. I just assumed they weren't hiring the most conservative-minded individuals in the industry.

I'm doubting my assumptions now.

A couple of months ago, I mentioned in a post that I was planning to purchase the Life Decisions International boycott list. This is the list that LDI researches and publishes of corporations in the U.S. that financially back Planned Parenthood. Doug and I became partners in LDI and a little over a week ago my list arrived in the mail. Let's just say it's long. Let's just say it's nauseating.

After my list arrived (and it's copyright protected or I'd be happy to share -- I highly recommend that you get one, though), I sat down with a highlighter and started highlighting all of the corporations with whom we have an affiliation, in one way or another. We buy Johnson & Johnson's Tylenol and band-aids, we use that Merck prescription drug, we subscribe to this Time Warner magazine and that Hearst magazine. It was seemingly endless, let me tell you, and completely overwhelming.

And what does this list have to do with the princesses, you ask -- you know where this is going, don't you? Yes, Walt Disney is on the list. Makes you sick doesn't it? My oldest son was watching over my shoulder as I went through the list, and he was aghast that Walt Disney supports PP. Not only because we have had such a touching relationship with Disney characters over the years, and now they are "tainted." But, as my son so aptly put it, "They are aborting their customers."

Now, this still doesn't get to the root of my "aha" moment at the ice show the other night. As I looked through the list I noticed a pattern of publishing companies -- one after another on the list. And as I read through the many publications and broadcasting affiliates and film studios that are owned by these publishing companies, I started to get a really sick feeling in my stomach (and I'm not at all being dramatic here). I had an "Oh, my God" type moment and I was really talking to God.

All of these publishing companies, with their multitudes of newspapers and a magazines and television stations and movie-makers have the power to influence us, mass media style. The subtle message that our children have been receiving over the years, to dress immodestly, to be sexy, to be promiscuous, may not just be our "society" headed down the toilet. It may actually be intentional.

I'm not implying that there's a formal conspiracy to draw our children into the clutches of PP, but when you start to think about the possibilities, it's heart wrenching. You see, one thing I recently learned about PP, is that through educational material and the Internet, PP promotes sexual promiscuity among our teens. PP brochures and Q&A forums answer teens' questions about sex (and these questions would knock your socks off, mom), and encourage healthy sex among our youth. They encourage them to defy their parents' rules and do what makes them feeeeel gooooood. PP is not just about birth control and abortion, it's all about birth control and abortion. It's about making money. If PP can get America's teens to become sexually active, they can support the money-making machine -- abortion. Sick, eh?

So, back to the princesses. Is it a coincidence that Disney's princesses have become more immodest in the last 20 years? Is it a coincidence that Disney's characters have become defiant to their parents? Maybe it is society headed down the toilet. But, it could be even creepier. It could be the subliminal message intended by corporations who are "in bed" with PP. I don't know how long Walt Disney has financially supported PP, but a corporation that supports an organization like Planned Parenthood is obviously like-minded. Maybe there is something to it after all.



  1. As we've been fighting against the largest PP abortion mill in the US right here in my back yard, we've done some research into PP and if you were shocked and appalled by what you thought they did before, you need only *glance* (and I seriously couldn't stomach much more than a brief one) at their Teenwire site to see where their heads are. Our kids are under serious attack. We need to arm them well.

    God Bless,

  2. Some of the literature I have quotes the PP teen forum. I'm sure what I've seen is tame compared to all that is on there, but like I said, it would knock your socks off!

    Most parents have no idea!

  3. Thank you for this post. It's all just too sad! We haven't bought any of the newer Disney movies, just due to the immodestly dressed princesses... I guess I am not surprised to hear that they now support PP. Too sad!!

  4. Your last paragraph really rings true. Thanks for this post. My older son has also figured out that Disney, J&J, and others are participating in the elimination of their future customers. I think it's great that these teens can see through the tactics--maybe when they grow up and enter the working world they will be in a position to make a difference.

  5. I have been ordering that list for years! You wrote so perfectly, the Holy Spirit was working. Thank you for writing such a great post and influencing so many people!

    The list is not that hard to follow. If you shop Wal-Mart, they have generic brands to change to. MOST of the companies are not on for long, really. In the past 14 years I have seen Pepsi,Target, General Mills, Home Depot, Dove products (Unilever) and so many more corporations come off. Money talks. Unfortunately, Disney has been on for years. The even sadder thing is the non-profit companies that support, like American Cancer Society and many more. It is overwhelming at first, but it comes 2nd nature after a while. Most people don't understand that is why I am so happy you wrote this!

    God Bless you!


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