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Phil 4:6-7

Monday, February 25, 2008

Princess Modesty -- Or Lack Thereof

Last night Peach, my mom, and I went to see the Princess on Ice Show. My mom took us once before -- I think it's something she likes to do since there are no other little ones in the family anymore. And it's so up Peach's alley, it's enjoyable just to watch her watch the show.

We had front row seats, so we got a good look at everything. And when I mean everything, I mean almost everything. I noticed during one of the "stories" how immodestly several of the princesses were dressed. In one particular story, "The Little Mermaid," the skater who played Ariel was dressed in no more than a few sea shells and a skimpy skirt than barely covered her most private parts. As she was being lifted by her prince partner I can honestly say, there wasn't much left to the imagination.

As I watched the show, it occurred to me that all of the "older" princesses, as in, from older Disney films, were dressed very modestly, and it was just those who have appeared on the scene since about the 1990s that were very immodestly dressed. With the exception of "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast, each and every princess since 1989 has been less than an ideal role model for our daughters, in one way or another. Ariel, Jasmine and Pocahontas are scantily clad. You may not notice, I know it never really occurred to me, when they are in their animated form. But get a real girl in front of you, and it's blatantly obvious. And then there is Mulan who does not have issues with skimpy dress, but who "cross dresses" (not for thrills, but nevertheless).

You are probably thinking that I have been paying far too much attention to Disney princesses and if you think my daughter is far too engaged with them, you are right. She loves the princesses and spends much of her time emulating them, for better or for worse. It's just who she is. I honestly have never intentionally promoted the princesses, other than showing her the movies that we owned before she was born. But, like it or not, the fact of the matter is, she loves them. So, it bugs me that these pretty young girls are dressed in a manner in which I would not ever allow my daughter to dress.

And why? Well, I suppose the feminist movement managed to take over the Disney animation studio. Which I find very sad. Our sweet little girls are influenced by so many factors in our society, especially those that are not intended for their eyes. Shouldn't the elements of society that are intended for them, be appropriate for them?

I know that many people, especially far right religious groups, have had issues with Disney for many years. I've always thought that they were reading too much into Disney's intent. But now, I'm starting to wonder myself. I made a discovery recently about the Walt Disney company that has me second guessing much about their intent. I have post brewing about that -- stay tuned..


  1. I've been feeling anti-Disney for a few years now, and I'm looking forward to hearing what you discovered.

  2. I'll be interested in seeing your future post. I have a lot of issues with Disney, not only the immodest dress you mentioned (that started up right around the time Middle Sister was old enough to enjoy these movies and Grandpa was enjoying buying those movies for her) but also their portrayals of family relationships. Most of these girls have no mothers. What's up with that?
    I just don't think Disney is so "wholesome" anymore, and I believe that they are trying to sell the public a bill of goods when they portray themselves as such. They're out for profit, plain and simple.

  3. Add me to the list of interested parties for your Disney research! I'm so glad you posted this as I was contemplating bringing Ella to the Disney on Ice for her birthday, but now I know!

  4. Yep, I've had a bone to pick with Disney for years--even wrote a letter to the editor of our newspaper about it once (and was promptly mocked).

    My girls have not seen Little Mermaid because I have long suffered a dual annoyance by a)her disobedience and b)those teensy-tinsy conch shells!

  5. Ditto on what everyone else said. Get busy on that next post!


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