Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Caved

A few of my friends out in the blogging community have recently made the decision to change their children's names in their blog posts. When I first began blogging, I made the decision to use my children's real names. I felt confident that as long I did not publicly divulge where I live and my last name, my children were safe. I held fast to my belief until the other day.

I was glancing at my feedjit bar the other day and saw that someone found a photo of my daughter by doing a google image search. Yuk. That gave me the heebie jeebies and I made the decision to change their names. For my sons, I used their patron saint names. For my daughter, I chose her nickname because she's been Peach almost as long as she's been the name on her birth certificate.

It didn't take me long to change them on my posts, until I got to my daughter. If you've been here before, you know her name and you can imagine how tough it was to change it in over a year's worth of posts. But, I think I've done it and I suppose I'm glad. I'm not glad I caved, but I am glad that I made their world one itsy-bitsy bit more safe.


  1. I have considered giving the kids pseudonyms on the blog before, but just haven't. I can't imagine the time it would take me to go through all the posts and change it. But, also, since I am having blog entries put into a book (one year at a time), I don't know how that would seem in the future. Know what I mean?

  2. I think you did the right thing. It's scary what people can find out over the internet, and you do want to keep your kids safe.
    It's why I intentionally cut my kids' heads off when I post pics of them on the blog--or shoot from the back.
    As to the nicknames and keeping stuff for the future, I don't see a problem with that. If you've stuck with the same nickname, it's easy enough to know who's who.

  3. I don't know how changing their names makes it less likely that the picture thing will happen again. I can only see that it makes them harder to find in real life, which is a good thing.

    It's a hazard of keeping a public blog, I guess, and a risk I've thought about, too, but I think it's a very small risk, one of the smallest I take on any given day.

  4. Jennie,
    You're probably right. I imagine that there is very little risk in blogging -- especially since my children are far fom the only ones out there. And I suppose if I wanted to do everything possible I would not even show their pictures. My fear is probably unrealistic, but I have this feeling that creepy people are much more savvy about figuring these things out than I.

    Of course, it could just be Satan putting fear in my heart. B

  5. I totally felt like I'd caved when I made the switch over to pseudonyms--like I was compromising the integrity of my writing and all that.

    Still, I had to trust that I was being docile to the Holy Spirit because my husband had asked me repeatedly to do this. God speaks most clearly through our husbands, at least in my case.

    And now I'm fine with having switched.

    Don't worry too much, Barbara. The worry DOES come from Satan. And any way, that little peach of yours IS a little peach. Her new name suits her just fine.

  6. Bless you Barb. I went through this just recently, as you well know.

    And Margaret is dead on. Fear and worry is the Devil's tool. Wisdom is from the Holy Spirit. Don't apologize for acting with wisdom. Our children are our greatest earthly treasures and worth every bit of protection we can offer them.

    The world is what it is. So sorry for your "icky" experience...and I really like "Peach"!

  7. As you know, I wrangled with this issue recently as well; eventually coming to the decision to jump from initials to pseudonyms. The time I took to make up my mind was long, but well spent. I am very content in knowing that someone who might see my children on line, hasn't a clue of our home's location or the *real* names of my most treasured gifts.

    I can guarantee if someone were to yell out Beulah on the street trying to catch my daughter's attention, she wouldn't even bat an eyelash. ;-)

    God Bless,

  8. Dear Barb,
    You are the Mother!
    You have the feelings you have.
    You know you want your children safe!
    You chose well.
    Be at peace!

  9. Barb, When you check your site meter today and see that I've been viewing your site for the past 4 hours - I really haven't - I've been to urgent care with my secondborn and to the pharmacy...twice....thankfully, it's not strep. :)

  10. My dh has asked me not to post the kid's pictures so I don't except on my closed Catholic moms BB. But I use their real names because with 5 kids it would be too confusing for me!


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