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Phil 4:6-7

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Update on the Komen Connection

Thanks for the comments on the Komen--PP Connection post below. It really is eye opening when you begin to take note of the MANY connections corporate America has to PP and other abortion activists. It is not only eye opening, but also heart breaking. Today, when I was grocery shopping I looked a little closer at the many pink ribbons I saw. There were several products, including plain M&Ms and Thomas's English Muffins that I did not buy because they advertised on their packaging that proceeds from their products go to the Komen Foundation. It's hard to know if buying another product under the corporate umbrella of a company who contributes is supporting the cause. For example, M&Ms/Mars makes a lot of products, and even though only the pink and white plain M&Ms advertised that proceeds benefit the Komen Foundation, maybe M&MS/Mars has pledged a specific dollar amount and it doesn't really matter if I buy pink M&Ms or any product they make.

To help me make better choices I'm going to buy the list(the cost is $19.99). And while I can't know for certain if I'll always be able to boycott, I'm going to make a huge effort. The only way that corporate America is going to get out of bed with PP is if they feel the affects in their pocket book.

I'm also going to write my own form letter, so that when I choose to boycott a product, like I did today, I can tell corporate America. The only way for them to know is for me to tell them.


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  1. Good for you Barbara! Book looks interesting. So glad I live in a place where abortion is not an option, though with therapid and very worrying increasing libersalisation of Ireland I'm beginning to wonder how long more that will be.

    I always boycotted death penalty support companies, such as Abbot Labs who market some of the drugs in the lethal injection. I was a big Capital Punishment activist back in the states!


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