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Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

On Church and State

Last year, I taught eighth grade history in my school at home. It was a super course -- American History to be exact -- using Seton's American History 8 for Young Catholics. This is a wonderful book, probably my favorite text that we've used, which is saying something because I've never been a big fan of history. This book gives us the history of America from a Catholic perspective -- something I never had, not even in Catholic school.

And one thing that I found most fascinating was the study of the separation of church and state. Now, as an average American with an average understanding of politics I thought that the separation of church and state was good for the state, but not for the church. After all, the separation of church and state is what is keeping God out of school.

However, in our 8th grade course of American History, I learned how much the Church depends upon this separation in order to stay the Church that she is.

In my blog-reading today, I see that Suzanne's brother Michael has a letter published to our church leaders in Connecticut regarding the use of the Plan B pill in Catholic hospitals. If you've been following this issue, which I have, you will find this letter very interesting. Thank you, Michael, for saying what needs to be said. I will say a prayer that God opens their ears and our clergy will hear your words.

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  1. Awesome letter. Thanks so much for sharing this! I'll be praying right beside you.


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