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Phil 4:6-7

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Happy Columbus Day

Whether or not Christopher Columbus was actually the first discoverer of America may be debated by some, but we give him a lot of credit for being a brave, Catholic explorer, especially today, Columbus Day.

I've compiled some activities we'll use today, in addition to re-reading part of American History for Young Catholics, which has a nice section on Columbus:

A page full of information, suggested reading, poems, printable coloring pages and even a skit here.

The story of Christopher Columbus and some printable puzzles here.

The story of Christopher Columbus and the details of the foods available to his crew here.

The first voyage and maps here.

A whole page of crafts including how to make a paper boat, newspaper sailor hats and a spyglass. Fun! Here.

And how about some sailboat eggs for snack?
Hard boil some eggs. Peel the eggs and rinse. Cut it in half. Place a toothpick into each half egg. Place raisins, marshmallows, etc. on the toothpick.

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