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Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Silverback Gorilla?

At the age of 45, I admit that I have been coloring my hair for at least 15 years. Premature gray runs in my family. In the past, I have toyed with the idea of letting it grow in naturally, but always chickened out after seeing a half inch or so of gray roots. I was afraid that people would think I was Peach's grandma. About a month ago I made up my mind to do it. Doug said he thought it was a good idea. I decided I don't care what other people think, I'm tired of coloring my hair.

So, now I have about a full inch of silver roots. It's over 50 percent gray. I'd say 75 percent from the looks of the roots, but it's hard to tell for certain.

Last night I was standing under the light from one of the spot-style lights we have in our kitchen and Doug said, "Wow, you're really silver. It's pretty. You'll look like a Silverback Gorilla."

I think at first I just stood with my mouth hanging open, and then I said, "A Silverback Gorilla? A Silverback Gorilla?"

"Well, you know what I mean," he said.

No, dear, I do not know what you mean.


  1. LOL!!!!

    That is the funniest thing I've read in quite awhile...

    A Silverback Gorilla?

    I'm sure he meant it in the sweetest way possible...

  2. Barbara, your husband certainly has a way with words! :::smirk::: I'm sure he meant it in the best way though. :)

    Are you doing okay with growing it out or do you want to color it again?

  3. I'm still letting it grow. I'm no longer worried about looking like Faith's grandma, but I told my mom that if anyone mistakes me for my her sister or my husband's mother -- that's it, I'll be coloring again.

    But I hadn't planned on looking like a Silverback. I guess if I really look like a gorilla -- I'll be coloring again ;o)

  4. Very funny! I too, am sure he meant for his statement to be a very kind, positive one....just sometimes we perceive what we hear very differently from what the person intended...

    One day last week I stopped by my mother-in-law's home to pickup something....on walking in she immediately informed me that my hair in front was turning white....she certainly knows how to rub me the wrong way....;)

    I think it takes a lot of guts in this day and age for a woman in her mid-forties to NOT color her hair....pressure from society to color hair is extremely intense...infact, out of my husbands siblings (4 of them and their spouses) my Joey and I (the youngest of the family) are the most gray. The rest color like crazy!!!

  5. one more thought....

    I think that gorilla is beautiful!!!

  6. Cheryl -- tonight we were at meeting for senior parents at school and I looked around to see if I could find any other gray parents. There were a few dads and one mom. And while my senior student is my oldest child, I know that many of those parents have put several kids through the school -- meaning they are much older than I!

    Why am I always swimming upstream??

  7. Yes, it is at my boy's school functions that I feel the most intimidated with graying hair....many of the parents are my age...I attended school with them and they mysteriously have NO GRAY! :)

  8. What a thing to say. My hubby comes up with stuff like that all the time! Ugh!


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