Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Friday, March 27, 2015


I'm in between dresses right now, and though I still have a long to-do list, I thought I'd pop in for a moment before we head into Holy Week and I try to keep things a little more quiet in my head.

As I said, I'm in between dresses. I have two bridesmaids dresses, one junior bridesmaids dress and the flower girl dress finished. I have to make hand stitched button loops for the two bridesmaids dresses (because I discovered hooks and eyes are itchy), but then they will be complete. I found a nice ribbon for the waist, and it will be tied at their natural waist in a bow, like the photo on the pattern. The reason I'm in between dresses is I have to wait until tomorrow evening to measure two more girls.

I am working on three special rosaries, one for a young boy who asked Doug to be his Confirmation sponsor, one for our transitional deacon at our parish, whose family is at our parish and who will be ordained in a couple months, and one for my husband's niece's First Holy Communion. This is the rosary for the young Confirmand. He is attending school at the all-boys Catholic high school next year and the school colors are red and black. His patron saint is St. John Paul II. The center is nice with his crest on the reverse. The young boy's heritage is Irish, hence the Celtic crucifix.

I also have three First Holy Communion veils to make. Got sewing?


Long ago I promised photos of Faith's new bedroom, so I'll post those here. It's just about exactly what she wanted, so we're pleased.

The tree came from here and was very easy to apply (I purchased the cloth version)

The dark purple is Behr Romantic Moment and the light purple is called Confetti (sorry about the shaft of bright sunlight).

The quilt and sham are from Kohl's. They are very nice. And the drapes are left from the pink and green bedroom.

There is still too much junk in Faith's room, but at least we got rid of some of it. And I bought two of these to store all the stuffed animals in the closet. After the paint spill accident, Doug swore he would never paint her room again, so she might be stuck with all that purple forever! When we moved into this house we painted it for Noah -- he was two. I hand-painted all these cute trucks, buses, cars, even a tow truck on the walls -- all in a row like a border mid-way up the wall. Then we painted it for Faith before she was born, then again when she was six, and now. So it's been painted four times by us -- I guess that's a lot. But, with the exception of when I was pregnant with Faith, I painted it every time, so I don't think Doug's words will stick.


The swimming was going well until this week when I developed UTI symptoms. I asked my uro-gyn if she thought swimming would put me at risk and she said "no, as long as you swim in a clean pool." Our rec center is pretty clean, so I really hope this is just a fluke. Faith and I went three times last week, but only once this week. She swims around a little in my lane, while I swim laps. I have to tell you that modesty has me wearing quite the get-up for my swims. I bought a regular suit (as modest as I could find), and a pair of swim capris, and a swim skirt. I feel a bit like a 19th century swimmer, but none of it is cumbersome, so I like it. It is, however, not much fun to take off soaking wet to get a shower. I bought one of these to tote our suits home in and it works well as long as it stays right-side up. And then I had to buy a duffle large enough to put towels, change of clothes, toiletry bag, and hair dryer in. Swimming is not a cheap sport, nor is it convenient. I think I get just about as good a workout dragging it all there, changing and showering after, and dragging it all home, as I do in the pool.

Best be getting some work done now. Take care and I pray you have a meaningful Holy Week.


  1. G loves Faith's "new" room. She loves purple and seeing these photos might convince me to give in!

    1. You need to see that purple in person before you paint anything!

  2. I love to swim but you are right, it is not at all convenient. Still, since you've been told that you should swim, use that time to pray and THINK. It's blessedly calm and quiet in the water, unless, of course, you get scissor-kicked by Faith as she swims past. ; )

    1. I use that time to try and breathe! Haha! I had no idea how out of shape I was. Swimming and walking are in two different leagues. But even when I'm gasping for air, it is peaceful. And Faith stays at one end of the pool (the shallow end) so for every lap I swim, I spend about 3 minutes treading water and being peaceful in the deep end.

  3. Hi Barbara! It's always wonderful to stop by here, and I haven't in awhile. (Glad to be back!) The rosary...the detail. Just beautiful and so extremely thoughtful! You do such amazing work.

    The dresses. So excited to see them finished and on for the big day!

    I really like that tote bag. My daughter has to carry this mesh bag to haul her swim supplies; fins, snorkel, etc. They have these big water proof back packs (mandatory team thing) for their clothes. And as I type this, I started to wonder...since her back pack is dark inside, could there be mold growing?? Ewe.

    Faith's bedroom is GORGEOUS! I love how it turned out. Bright and inviting for anyone.

    Wishing you a good weekend, a blessed Palm Sunday, and a fruitful Holy Week. God bless!

    1. Thank you, Patty. Your comments are always so happy!

      PS I'm very glad I don't have to either carry or swim with flippers and snorkel! ;-)

  4. Hi Barbara!!! I'm trying to read and catch up on my bloggies! I only actually have a few favorites but have been having a hard time keeping up with all that goes on in real life. My computer time seems to be house searching.

    I LOVE Faith's room!! My neighbor just told me about these decals that you just press on, or apply somehow...are these like that, like, do they come off easy for when you "repaint" again? (hahah)

    I love your rosaries...beautiful. I think those dresses you are working on are going to be Marvelous!! (that's the word that came to my head, I can use that word,, right?)

    I hope you are feeling better. I am having UTI symptoms, but no infection is detected. I've done several urinalysis's, several blood tests, been on several antibiotics, an ultrasound, both outer for my kidneys, and bladder...and inner...for whatever they needed to look for. (hated that one) now waiting for my referral for a urologist. Gosh, the pain is unbearable sometimes. Just so uncomfortable.

    One of my daughters is allergic to chlorine (so the urologist says) and every time she does swim in a chlorinated pool, she gets UTI symptoms and can't go potty. (sorry for the baby talk, I'm potty training now) The urologist told her to soak in a warm bath afterward and pee at the end. It works, she does it, rinses off and feels fine. She does not, however feel fine up to that point and prefers to NOT swim. I feel so bad for her. I hope it's something she grows out of.

    Pee issues...we've got them too.

    Simeon is on day 4 of potty training, it's just after 10 and we've had 5 accidents. I asked him, "What are you going to do when you have to go potty?" He responded with an honest, "Nutton" (nothing) Honesty I suppose is the better quality here, huh? :)

    Hope you feel better soon, love to you!

  5. Jamie, I think I answered all my questions in my emails except -- yes, those decals are supposed to peel off when you repaint. I had to wait two weeks after we painted to put them on, and I am hopeful the shopowner is good to her word and they will peel off easily in however many years ahead.

  6. The purple looks great! I will have to show Anna, because she wants a purple room!!

    Question: Do you have a picture of your Divine Mercy cookies on hand that I could use for an upcoming CatholicMom.com post? I would like to feature these cookies as an idea for keeping the Easter season going for 50 days ... I know I have made these myself and have pictures of them, but our photos are inaccessible right now (so frustrating). This is the post I'd like to link to, if you are OK with it.


  7. Thanks for the wonderful update Barbara! I just love how Faith's room turned out! I also think the white furniture works so well with the whole room. I am excited to see the bridesmaid dresses you made! I have to say I chuckled as you described your "modest" bathing suit. I have a matching one :) I like the "yoga" capri pants for swimming and agree they are murder to take off when wet :) Thanks for another great post!


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