Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Monday, January 05, 2015

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas...

...Twelve drummers drumming (chicken drumsticks).

I had planned to fry chicken drumsticks today, or at least bake some oven-fried drumsticks, but 
a) I forgot to buy drumsticks
b) it's the first day back at school, which is hard enough without trying to run to the store for chicken
c) it's dance night so making an after-school trip and then trying to get a meal ready is not even a choice

So, I vote for Popeye's chicken drumsticks for dinner, which I can run and get after I drop off at dance at 5 p.m. We always eat in split shifts on Monday, so Doug and Noah can enjoy it hot, and Faith and I can eat it after dance classes.

You might think this a lame choice for the twelfth and final day of Christmas, but, frankly, I am rather pleased with myself. Up until the past year, or less, I would have made this work by running to the store, and frantically getting the chicken fried with two sides and maybe dessert, too, wearing myself out in the process and probably getting cranky. I am more willing these days to admit I can't do it all, so I'll take a helping hand once in a while. We'll be sure to pray for the cook at Popeye's after Dinner Grace.

The Twelve Drummers Drumming represent the twelve points in the Apostle's Creed.


  1. "Lame" is the last word that comes to mind with today's post and the entire "12 Days" undertaking - what a blessing you are to your family! It took me awhile to realize that sometimes I couldn't "do it all" as well (blame my pride:) I'm sure your family would rather have you a bit more relaxed and not "cranky" on days such as these!

    1. Thank you, Mary. You're sweet. It is pride on my part, too, thinking everything has to be the best. With a little side of gluttony, making everything just the way I like it. My son (the only son at home tonight) was thrilled with the plans.

  2. If you had said KFC fried chicken, then my vote would have been lame. Not really! I love Popeyes and this sounds like a yummy alternative. Every once in a while we can indulge and give a break to the cook. My order is for thighs. ;-)

    I loved your 12 day posts. I've always been bothered that Epiphany is the 13th day and not the 12th day. It doesn't add up!

    1. Haha! My son Noah told me he would not eat KFC, hence the Popeye's. I do think KFC has gone way down hill in the last 10 years or so. Popeye's is a little farther to go, but worth it.

      I guess the First day of Christmas should be the First day of the Christmas season, and somehow that became the day after Christmas. I don't get it either, nor do I get why the Church moved the Epiphany to Sunday. As our young priest said in his homily on Sunday -- "It's like moving Ash Wednesday to Sunday!" Just like Ascension Thursday. Some things just should not be moved for convenience. Faith wants to go to Mass tomorrow, but I had to tell her, "Sure we can go, but we won't have the Epiphany liturgy -- we had that on Sunday." She was so confused! I was thrilled, however, that on Sunday our Church passed out blessed chalk and the prayer for marking your home. Hip hip hooray for these young priests!

  3. I'm so impressed with your special menus all through the 12 Days, but I'm really happy you went with the easier option today. I remember, years ago, yelling at the kids to clean up and generally being bitchy, so my husband could be happy with a perfect home. He said, do you really think this makes me happy? He said it very nicely, btw. I agree that it's better to be cheerful than attempt that elusive perfection!

  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Every one was pleased with dinner, so it was a win-win.


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