Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A couple of knits, a couple of books, and several films

You'd think anxiety would keep me from starting multiple projects and reading several books at a time, but it seems my craziness has just spread to other areas of my life.

I was working on that big knitting project (you know -- the one I can't show here), but my sometimes-off-but-definitely-on-right-now-OCD prevents me from starting a row unless I can finish it, and the rows are so long now that it takes quite a while to go in one direction and then back without stopping. Thus, I needed a smaller project for during the day or when I'm out somewhere sitting (in the car waiting on dance class). My oldest son needed some new potholders, as I guess his got tossed when we moved him out of the college apartment. His new dishes have red on them, his towels and washcloths are red and white, and last weekend he added a shiny red toaster (don't tell him it's starting to look like a Buckeye kitchen), so I am knitting bright red potholders with some peaches 'n' cream yarn. I just cast on 31 stitches, knit in seed stitch until they are the size I want, and cast off. Then do the same thing again and stitch them together at the edges with a straight stitch using the yarn. Voila -- a nice thick potholder. And they are easy and uncomplicated to knit -- which is exactly what I need right now.

I have two books going in print (well, one on paper and one on the Kindle). Pictured is Now I See You, A Memoir, by Nicole Kear, which has been very entertaining, though at times rather raw (adult language and situations). The other, on my Kindle, is Cracks in the Sidewalk, by Betty Lee Crosby, also very interesting, but sad -- about a young mother's illness and broken heart. I read the former during the day and the latter at night, as my kindle light doesn't bother my husband like a lamp would. I have almost finished Cracks in the Sidewalk, and don't think I will try to read two books at the same time again for a while. (Athough I probably will.) I am listening to The Martian Child, by David Gerrold, though I just started it yesterday and don't yet have an opinion. I did see the film a few years ago, however, and found it pretty interesting.

I popped over to our library yesterday as my educator's library card had expired with the new school year. I took our "homeschool letter" over and renewed it, but when I got there I couldn't find my card. Since it had been in several pieces taped together for several years I broke down and just got a new one, even though I knew my old number by heart and didn't really want to memorize a new one. When I got home I logged onto the Ohio e-Book Project website, which is where I get my free audio books, and almost cried when I found that with the new number all of my holds had been wiped clean. The librarian essentially wiped my old account when she issued the new card and so all of the books I have been waiting for are gone, and I have no idea what titles they were. Sigh...

So I spent quite a bit of time this morning going through Ginny's friends' (Yarn Along knitters) posts to find new books. After going through over two dozen posts I haven't found one book to reserve, at least not one available on audio. Urg. A lot of people who post their projects on Ginny's blog don't post books, and I just today realized that. Hey folks, it's a knit and read thing. Get it?

Anyway, I also have a few good films to tell you about. They aren't current, and they are all three sad, but good movies (you know where you cry but it all ends up ok). Really good, in my book. I saw them all on Netflix -- they are available instantly. The first was The Letter Writer, then Stolen Summer, and then 5th Quarter. The last is based on a true story and was very, very moving (especially so in my extremely emotional current state). I'm not sure I could watch it again as I cried through at least half of it, but it was really good and worth it especially if you are not in a teary state. I think Aidan Quinn must have been going through menopause when they filmed that movie because we were both crying at the same time (and I mean really crying).

Ok. That's all I have right now. So go check out Ginny's friends' projects, and maybe a few books.

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  1. I didn't realize people were getting away from the reading part! What are they thinking!!!

    I don't read much fiction, so my recs won't help you.

    I feel your pain about the holds. When we do a little task like holds, I don't usually remember what I clicked....that's what they system is for!

  2. Love that RED!! (kind of an anxiety color!)


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