Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

All good

Every time I turn around to do something at the computer, there is a kid sitting in that chair. Noah, doing chemistry (an internet-based-substitute-for-teacher-kind-of-thing; can you tell I am not loving chemistry right now?) or checking FB, which fortunately he does not do often. And Faith, playing Animal Jam -- have your kids discovered Animal Jam yet? It -- Animal Jam -- has become a near occasion of sin because when I give my daughter direction she just sits there. It's like the hearing part of her brain really can not hear me. Add to that her 12th birthday yesterday, which is not all good because I am starting to see some pre-teen behavior unbecoming of my daughter.


But there is some good, right? Yes...good. I must remember the good (but with my memory being what it is, I should take notes).

Good is a birthday party on Saturday with just family and was as good, in the birthday girl's opinion, as any other party. Good, because that's the only party we're having. And good is having your birthday fall on President's Day with no school and a Lincoln Log for dessert. Good is a new AG doll, and renewed interest in all the AG dolls (which unfortunately had been relegated to the basement rec room recently, but which were resurrected to the bedroom yesterday).

Happy is: Faith and Isabelle and Lincoln Log

Good is me setting aside knitting for a while to create some new rosaries. I am on number four in a week...on a roll. I was buying a lot of supplies and not using them which is not good.

Good is finding a new doctor (I am so tired of doctors, but each new one does bring hope). My husband helped find this one from inside the hospital and he is, supposedly "a good one."

Good is my grandma at home with my uncle and his wife. She is still very confused about so much change, but at least she has someone who loves her to console her in her confusion. The story is my grandma woke my uncle the other night at 1:30 am. She must have called out and he awoke. She said she couldn't sleep, and he said, "Mom, you are all tucked in to bed and you need to go back to sleep." What a role reversal. He was also brushing her (false) teeth, and my mom laughed to him saying, "One day she was brushing YOUR teeth for you, but they were IN your mouth!" We really do become like little children when we are old, but maybe, just maybe it's because God is preparing us for himself."

"Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18:3

Good is this crazy cat eating cat grass. She eats any bouquet of flowers that comes into our house, so I thought I'd help curb that problem by planting and growing her cat grass. She loves it. She eats it like a cow. I barely got this seed started and she ate he entire cup. I think I need to plant a bigger container.

I hope you are staying sane this winter, because sometimes, I admit, I feel myself becoming not sane. This week we are getting some warmer temperatures. Forty degrees is looking like a heat wave. I would be grateful to see just a patch of grass or two (NOT cat grass). That would be GOOD!


  1. It's in the 50s here at our house today! Hoping all this ice will finally melt so I can walk around without worrying about falls and emergency deliveries. :-)

  2. Love the new rosaries! The weather here in Hamilton is looking better; we could see 65 degrees on Thursday! We have raised three boys, but no girls. My daughter-in-law has been going through all the teenaged "acting out" with our granddaughter, though. Granddaughter is seventeen now, and knows everything; amazing, isn't it? Hope today brings you lots of sunshine! ~ Rosemary A.

  3. I actually went outside without a coat and shoveled by brother's driveway yesterday in the almost 40 degree weather. It felt shockingly warm and wonderful!

  4. Hi Faith! Happy Birthday! I love "Isabelle," too! I got your letter, and I am sending you a package soon! Love, Anna

  5. Happy Birthday to Faith!

    I am really looking forward to spring!

  6. Good is the sweetness in the stories that you shared with us. Wishing you a great (rest of) week!

  7. Love your rosaries, they are so beautiful! (and strong)

    Love seeing Faith again, she's growing up right before our computers!

    I didn't know cats ate grass! Interesting....

  8. Need to get my kitties some of that cat grass...I bet they would just love it...then puke it up all over my floor!HA.

    Happy Birthday to your little (getting big) sweetie. God Bless her on her birthday.

    We are getting lots of snow today! Winter is here for a little while longer.


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