Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Monday, January 13, 2014

A big heavy sigh daybook

In nature... 
 ...we have received a break from the frigid cold, and have rain and it is moderately warm (for a January day in Ohio). It's very gray out, as was most of the weekend. In fact, I am not certain the last time I saw the sun. That's typical central Ohio. Don't come here if you have seasonal affective disorder.

In my thoughts... 
 ...my big heavy sigh (in my post title) is more a physical thing than emotional, although it is a bit of an emotional sigh, too. This past weekend was the Rite of Welcome/Acceptance retreat for Taylor and I. I went into the retreat with a fairly closed mind, which wasn't fair. I didn't realize how much I was holding my breath about it until Saturday morning. I woke up feeling anxious and sick. We had been at the retreat on Friday evening so I knew what was coming. As a fairly introverted person, I dislike being put into a position where I feel forced to be outgoing (as all introverts do). Also, Taylor found out mid-week last week that her primary sponsor (the student the Newman Center assigned as her sponsor) was unable to complete her commitment, and the center was going to try to find another sponsor, which she was really feeling upset about. Fortunately, I had planned to attend the retreat and Rite anyway, and now the center director has agreed I can be her primary sponsor.

I am really pleased to be able to help out in this way, though I wasn't sure I would mix well with the team, and the other sponsors and students. I have realized now that I fit in just as I am, a mother figure, and one who can hopefully offer something that would have otherwise been missing. God, in His infinite wisdom has offered this opportunity to me. Now, I have to get my act together so I can leave my family every Sunday and be away most of the day for Mass and meetings until Easter.

 In the school room...
...working around an orthodontist appointment, we got in pretty much a whole school day. I love Faith's science book this year. It's old (but updated recently) and I love how they are explaining the solar system. Good, good stuff. (OLD good stuff.)

 On the table...
...Beef Daube Provençal, egg noodles, Brussel sprouts, and corn muffins for dinner.

Today I am wearing...
...a gray cashmere/cotton knit skirt, a navy turtleneck and my new shawl.

 I am reading... 
 ...Stella Bain by Anita Shreve on my Kindle, and listening to O Pioneer! by Willa Cather on my wireless earbuds.

A few of my favorite things...
Christmas tea with honey..I buy six boxes so I can savor it through the winter.
This darling little honey pot, I received from my aunt and uncle for Christmas. Love.
My new tea kettle...love, love, love. If you drink tea, this is a wonderful thing to have.

I am thankful... 
...for my faith, for the freedom to practice and teach my faith
...for a warm home, food in the pantry
...healthy children and husband

Prayers sent heavenward for...
...my husband and children
...the homeless and those without good shelter and meals
...all those who are sick and alone
...my son, to learn his chemistry this semester
...our priests and religious, especially our parish priests, and Fr. Howe
...all the babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion this week, for a change of heart

Photo for the day...

I spy...

counterclockwise, beginning at at 9 o'clock...remnants of a bad cold

a fingerless glove on the needles, now finished and onto no. 2

lesson plans on loose leaf -- ten a half years into homeschooling I have finally realized I hate writing in tiny planner boxes -- so freeing

wireless earbuds -- also freeing

loads of candy from the tree and candy dishes -- I guess my children are too grown up for candy (sad face)

above-mentioned Christmas tea -- yum

homeschool reading


  1. Aargh. My comment just got eaten. Here we go again...

    Your tea kettle is *pretty*! My electric one is not.

    I'm thrilled that you get to be Taylor's sponsor now. You have so much knowledge and wisdom to share! Awesome news!

  2. Sara, sorry about Blogger. I have been thinking about switching platforms but I'm thinking blog providers are like cell service providers and they all have the same issues.

    Yes, my kettle is pretty. It's so fun to watch the water boil (I'm simple that way), and it boils so fast!

  3. Sarah, yes, swoon. At first I didn't like them because I was used to apple buds, but now I am used to them and I love being wireless in the kitchen, in the laundry room. I no longer have to carry my device, nor have wires to catch on cabinet knobs, dryer doors, etc. if only my family would quit talking to me! ;-)

  4. Willa Cather is love, usually tragic but I can't stay away from her books (and also Bess Streeter Aldrich) Praying for Taylor!

  5. A big heavy sigh that it is Wednesday and I am just NOW getting over here to read your post! (Haven't read any blogs yet this week, for what {little} it's worth. ;)

    My prayers are with you...and I am consoled by the fact that yours are with me. We mommas need 'em!

  6. PPS. Isn't it funny how you talk about holding your breath in this post, given mine this morning? Great minds...

    Loved the quote you put at the bottom of your comment, too. Food for thought & prayerful meditation!

  7. Ana Maria, I will try that one. We need to get these girlies together. Is every one all healthy at your house?

  8. I Spy=Book

    You know what I mean.

    I think you have the right attitude about the sponsor thing. You are doing God's will. Did you read today's readings for Mass? They fit perfectly with this post!

  9. Darlin' Margaret,
    I love, love your triple comments. Never stop. ;-)

    Yes, and that quote was from Job! Poor, suffering Job, still praising God for giving him life. Oh my.

  10. Jamie, babes, I am going to go read today's Mass readings right now. Can't wait to see the connection.

  11. PS Jamie, I'm gonna make you a calendar with those pictures. ;-)

  12. We are all in the pink of health as of today, keeping fingers crossed ;-) G would love to play whenever you are ready over there.

  13. I have an electric kettle but it' snow here near as cute as yours. Love Christmas tea! Wow, wireless earbuds. Cool idea! I'm always getting tangled.


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