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Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Yarn Along


I'm joining Ginny at Small Things today with what appears to be little progress on my shawl. I haven't worked on it a lot because I still owe some scapulars to people who want them for Christmas, but it also doesn't show much progress even when I do work on it.

Yesterday I started the second part of the lace, and because I am notorious for not completely reading directions, I purled back the entire width of the shawl and started the pattern again (because that's the way the first part of the lace is written). Just around bedtime last night I realized that every row, including the purl rows, is different in the second half of the lace, and I had done a width and a half wrong. Ugh. There is not much worse than undoing rows of lace (slight exaggeration, but still). I had a doctor's appointment this morning (in which I waited almost two hours to see the doctor), so I got it all undone so I could start again. It's a good thing I had my knitting because being in an exam room with my daughter with a dead iPhone and nothing to read (we went so unprepared -- except I had my knitting! Priorities, dear friends.) for two hours would have been torturous (or, even more torturous). Now I am back on the right track, just in time to put it down until a Christmas gift is started and finished (nothing like waiting until the last minute). I have to start that this evening while someone is out of the house.

I just picked this book up from the library and haven't started it, but just as soon as I get a minute...


  1. It looks so lovely! I made that same mistake on the Sunday portion. I had to rip that out a few times until I got it right. It's just really different than the rest of the pattern, isn't it?

    I need to start another project soon, but I'm spending so much time writing, mainly instructions and schedules while I'm away and recovering. It's taking all my time!

  2. It looks so pretty and soft! I feel for you on ripping back the lace---I find it impossible to do and get back on the needles correctly. That's why someone taught me to do lifelines and I always use them for lace now.

    I've made a couple of Lorne's Hats. That's a lot of ribbing, but they are nice hats.

  3. Jennifer,
    I'm glad I am not the only one who does not read directions! {blush}

  4. Sara,
    I'm going to look into those lifelines next time I do a shawl. I completely forgot about them.

  5. Jennie,
    It is such a pretty color and so soft -- a real pleasure to handle (which is a good thing since I am handling it so much!)

  6. It is beautiful! I love the yarn. Can you believe I haven't picked up a knitting needle since before I moved from Texas??? It just has not happened. I probably have forgotten all my stitches and I have about 3 unfinished projects. Oh well. So many other things to do.


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