Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Another day, another day

I hate to think of Advent as being ho-hum, because I truly don't. But Advent, like Lent, is a penitential season, and we are never quite certain what penance we might get, either dished out by God intentionally, or by life accidentally.

Yesterday, we took the cat in to get her stitches out. She still had an opening in the incision which was staying wet, which meant her body was still bathing that area with lymph fluid in an effort to keep infection out (I'm pretty sure that's the purpose, but then I'm not a vet. I could be making that up.) and the fluid was still running out of the wound (Is that TMI? Are you squeamish? You should see the pictures the vet gave us.). Anyway, we left the vet with more antibiotics (Because this cat just loves having me shove a pill down her throat twice a day. Yeah, you should see my scratched up hands.) and plans to come back in a week (hopefully for the last time), but yesterday evening we noticed the open area was much larger, and circular rather than a slit (yuck!). Short story long, we had to take the cat back to the vet this morning. We've spent all this time and money on this cat, and I'm tired of it, but you don't give up right at the end, so close to the finish. We're in for a penny, in for a pound, as the saying goes. But, I'll throttle this cat of she gets out again.

When we got back from the vet we called my mom, who was going to go to the conservatory with us today. She must have forgotten and went shopping after Mass this morning. Faith has a pretty long face.

But, I have gotten several loads of laundry done and we have plenty of schoolwork to do, and Advent stories to read. We are currently reading Josefina's Surprise: a Christmas Story, which is an American Girl story for those with AG fans. It's a nice story about Las Posadas, and a good lead in to the feast day tomorrow Our Lady of Guadalupe, one of my favorites, and Las Posadas next week.  Tomorrow we'll probably enjoy tacos and maybe some sopapillas. We'll have a small feast next week, enjoying a treat or two during Las Posadas. I'd love to try my hand at tamales, which I have never made, and maybe I'll visit a local Latin market for some candies.


I have not finished Christmas shopping, just in case you were feeling badly about your own list, my Christmas cards are on backorder and the company won't answer my emails, I have not wrapped one gift, or baked one cookie. So, if you're feeling badly about Advent and Christmas preparation, come sit by me.


I have a question for those of you who are year-round skirt wearers. Where do you get your winter skirts? For everyday wear, I am currently alternating between a blue lightweight denim and a black chambray skirt. I have nothing else, and all the regular haunts have too-short skirts. I'm not a short-skirt gal -- way below the knee is what I like. I do have some fabric downstairs, but no time to sew right now. I wear leggings and socks inside my boots, but even with leggings my legs are cold in these skirts.Got any suggestions?

Now, I am off to boil more water for tea, switch the laundry loads, and read about Josefina's surprise. Have a great afternoon.


  1. I only wear skirts of Mass during the winter, and I HATE pantyhose, so I just wear really tall socks that I get from Target. I wear boots too to keep my legs warm. I got both my skirts handed down!! I occasionally will use a summer skirt and just add the layers. I hope you find some good deals, maybe at the mall? It is hard to find good winter skirts.

  2. I'm wearing a long skirt right now! And tights because hello? It's 10 degrees over here!

    Wish I had suggestions about where to buy them. I hate shopping myself and (I'm thinking) you do, too. It's always a serendipitous thing to find a skirt that I like and then...once I do...I wear it to shreds.

    Erm. That's not so pretty an image, isn't? Well, I owed ya one for that description of your cat's incision!

    Love you. :)

  3. I'm not a year-long skirt wearer but I almost always wear a skirt to Mass. I got my winter skirts at Land's End(clearance), I wear it with fleece-lined leggings, wool-socks under winter boots. I also have some summer maxi-dresses that I layer with a sweater or cardigan in the colder months. That's how I've kept warm walking to St. C.

    Haven't finished Christmas shopping either.

  4. I haven't finished shopping, nothing is wrapped, no cookies are baked, nada . . . we are in the same boat!

  5. Hello Barbara, I've come to sit next to you on the still shopping-not wrapping-cookieless bench. But we can share a pot of tea! (actually, we never bake cookies until right before Christmas and I'm one of those despicable wrap-all-night types, which was fun when I was younger but is getting tough)
    Sorry poor kitty isn't having troubles!
    As for warm-in-winter skirts, if you're already doing leggings/boots, the answer is wool! I confess we get ours at the thrift shop, but my big girls and I live in classically styled 100% wool skirts for the winter. Talbots, Pendleton, Woolrich, and LL Bean oldies are some favorites, but they would cost an arm an a leg (x 4 of us) new. They are usually generously cut, and lined, and wool is noticeably warmer than even heavy cotton.

  6. Ana Maria beat me to the fleece-lined tights suggestion. Or maybe there are some amazing merino wool options out there. Or you could knit them yourself. ;-)

    I might be calling you...don't be shocked and say, "Sara WHO?" when I do. :-)

  7. I don't wear skirts every day, but I do Sundays for Mass, I wear leggins under mine...and long socks. (it's COLD here in MN!)

  8. Missing you...I keep checking....


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