Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yarn Along, a gray shawl

I have been knitting much more these days, more than in many months. I think it's partly the cool weather which makes me want to knit, and it's knitting that makes me want to knit. It's a kind of "knitting begets knitting" thing. After I finished my mom's socks (and forgot to get a photo), I started on a preemie hat for a little boy, the newbie of a friend of a friend, a new friend to me, an online friend. Anyway, it turned out really cute, and I would definitely make it in a larger size for a full-size infant. Cute, cute. I mailed it off -- hopefully it fits.

The day after I finished the hat, I cast on a shawl, for me. The last thing I made for me was my first pair of socks. I am looking forward to wearing this shawl. The yarn is gorgeous -- Cascade Ultra Pima in slate gray. It's the softest cotton I have ever used. You can find the link to the pattern on my Ravelry page

I learned a new kind of increase -- RLI and LLI -- and at first I really did not like them (as with all new things, I am averse, or maybe just stubborn/German). I like k1fb increases better. But I like the way the increases look (the "ribs" in case you don't know knitting termonology). They are softer than k1fb's.

I think I am about 25% into it. It's pretty boring knitting right now, and if I sit too long I start to fall asleep, unless I am watching a movie (or an episode of Downton) so I have to mix things up and sew for a while, or just knit when I can do a row or two at a time.

It is a bluish gray, or even maybe a bit purplish.

My book is the audio version of The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck (I did not realize it was an Oprah Book Club book or may not have started it). I was looking for a good classic, and found it by searching the Ohio E-Book Project for an available audio-book. So far, so good.

Join Ginny and gang for more knitting and reading, and join me in prayer for Ginny's baby (baby-in-waiting).


  1. What a beautiful shawl pattern! I have been looking for one that is shaped like that, not triangular. But then I wonder if I would use it or just go to my ever trusty cardigans when I get a chill. I love the color you chose too.

  2. Oprah has no taste, but The Good Earth is a great book, so don't let her ruin it for you. :-) (I read it about 7 years ago.)

  3. Lovely, lovely! I do admit to shaking my head and saying 'huh?' to all those fancy notations. :-) I am just teaching myself to knit, and I'm just knitting round and round and round...Maybe someday I'll learn those letters! Your generosity with the gifts of your hands always inspires me. (and The Good Earth came way before O - I remember having to read it for high school a hundred years ago!)

  4. Oh, the color is so pretty! I think you will enjoy this! I agree, the pattern really is easy to follow along when watching TV or teaching lessons, even. The lace part gets a little tricky, but once you get the repeats, it's still easy to follow along.

    I have another shawl for my mom in the works, but I put it aside because it required constant concentration except for the all purl rows -- and I think my life is constant distraction.

  5. Jenny,
    I like the idea of a shawl, but I'm not sure how practical it is. We'll see. I think I like the idea of using it when I'm running errands and just need a light covering.

  6. Thank you, Jennie, for confirmation. Oprah's taste in books is why I would NOT have chosen it had I known she chose it once.

  7. Kimberlee,
    When I start a pattern, I can not allow myself to look ahead and see what may come down the line. I just trust that when I get there, I will figure it out. With videos galore on the interwebs, I have never NOT been able to figure it out. But, if I let myself look ahead, I won't even start. It looks like climbing Mt. Everest! ;-) Keep on truckin'!

  8. Jennifer, I am hopeless with lace patterns. Really hopeless. I have to lock myself in a room and have no music, movies, audiobooks -- nothing. At least until I do the repeat several times. I have had patterns that never repeat, and I just want to cry! I just can't count. What a loser! ;-)

  9. The color is beautiful! And it even looks really soft. I bet it feels lovely!

  10. That's an adorable hat! The shawl is lovely, I can't wait to see it. I have a very similar one in my favorites. The Good Earth is one of my favorite books. I'm sure Oprah has to pick books from time to time that really are good so that she can fool people into getting the crappy, agenda-driven books!

  11. That shawl looks so soft! Now I am wanting to make a shawl and I have too much Christmas knitting to do, lol!

  12. Absolutely lovely! I can't count either. Isn't it very humbling?

  13. Lovely knitting, Barbara! We are reading "The Good Earth" for our Well-Read Mom book club this month, so you are in good company! :-)

  14. Ohhhh!
    Love. Love. Love. It fits!!!!!!
    Thank you, thank you!
    I wish I could post the picture here but I don't know how...you're welcome to post it and share how precious it is!
    Thank you again for all your prayers. It was a long haul and I couldn't have done it without them.

  15. That purple is divine and the shawl looks like it will be so comfy and warm. I've made several shawls. Some for me and some for others. I have yet to make one large enough for myself that stays on without pinning and is comfy and/or warm enough to suit me. Don't you just love listening to audio books while you knit?! I stayed up late last night after getting everyone to be doing just that. It was wonderful.


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