Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday Night Daybook

In nature... 
 ...it's dark because it's almost 10 o'clock. Today was a long day and I don't feel like starting a craft, so here I sit, blogging, while my husband and son watch college football. But, outdoors it's very chilly and very windy -- 30- to 40-mile/hour winds today. I love the sound of the rush through the trees and it's pretty loud today.

In my thoughts... 
 ...I don't have much time for thinking lately. Or maybe it's that I am not allowing it, which is not good. I am either listening to my children, or my husband, or an audio book. There is not much quiet and I find that the less I have, the less I desire, contrary to what I would think would happen. The problem with all that is the less quiet I have, the less I listen to God. I feel Him, I know Him, but I am not seeking Him in the down moments of life. Must change that. I think that's why I sat down to write. I can not both listen and write.

 In the school room...
...we're in a pretty good groove right now, though Mondays are always hard for Faith. I often think she should have no weekends, because the days after the breaks are the worst. I guess that's true for a lot of people, kids included.

 On the table...
 ...today is my oldest son's 24th birthday. As an aside, I still can not believe I have been a mother for 24 years. The birthday boy requested a Puerto Rican meal. I don't know where he's from -- an Ohio-all-his-life kid, with a German ancestry, and he wants Puerto Rican food. I made a pernil, which was delicious even though I didn't know what I was doing, black beans and rice, tostones (fried plantains), tortillas, salsa, guacamole, and a platter of oranges and grapes (oooh the crunchy kind!). The pork was really good and was really easy to make. Basically this recipe, but I could not get a skin-on pork shoulder anywhere in Columbus, so I just stuffed the garlic and herb mash into slits cut perpendicular to the surface. I used a lot more garlic (probably two heads) and a lot less salt than the Tyler recipe. I covered it for about two hours and then cooked it uncovered for about another one and a half. I cooked about 9 pounds of pork -- lots of leftovers. There was flan for dessert, in case you were wondering.

Today I am wearing...
 ...I took my college boy back to campus -- an absolute zoo during a home football game -- after dinner and dessert. I left home after the game started at 8 p.m., but the partying was incredible on every street within a mile of the stadium. Fortunately since 90% of the people were in the stadium, I was able to get to his apartment building. When I got home I made hot tea and changed into my nightgown, at which point I discovered my flannel nightgowns are gone. I must have given them away or trashed them after the winter and forgot. I just ordered a couple, because it's cold out!

 I am reading... 
 ...I just started a book on my phone today, The Execution of Noa P. Singleton. I reserve these books on the Ohio E-Book Project, and then when I get notice they are available and I download them, I often wonder what possessed me. With this one, I know it is the narrator. I like her style and voice, but I'm not sure this book is going to be worth listening to. When I am not listening, and can sit down, I am reading Lidia Bastianish's new book Commonsense Italian Cooking. I was the first one to get it from the library...I love when that happens. A perfectly brand new cookbook, mine for one month! And I love Lidia! There are many cooks I enjoy watching or reading about, but would not often eat what they cook. I want to eat everything Lidia cooks!

A few of my favorite things...
...fresh, chilly winds
...pork roasting in the oven giving off the best garlic and oregano smells
...hot tea with sugar and almond milk in the middle of the day -- I need that warm mug on my cold hands -- that will be a favorite for many months to come
...pumpkins waiting to be carved
...a week of feast days and holy days

 I am creating....
 ...I just finished the sweetest little preemie hat -- I wish we had a little head to fill it, but it will get mailed away to a mama with a little head to fill it, with prayers for him (I will get a picture first)
...I finished my mom's socks before I cast on the hat, and gifted them to her today
...I finished some potholders for my mother-in-law, and gifted those today
...I have some brand new beautiful yarn in slate gray to turn into this shawl, for moi (thanks Jenn!). Cast-on...tomorrow!
...I also have fabric for two skirts for me and a pair of pajamas for Faith

I am thankful... 
...that my son is happy and healthy and 24!
...that he wants to come home on his birthday and have his mom cook for him, and sit around with his grandmas and dad and drink beer (well not thankful for the beer part, but at least he includes us in his celebration -- and he drinks good beer, not get-drunk-quick beer)
...that the football game is going well (the Buckeyes are winning) and my husband is not screaming and, um, cursing (sorry Aimee)

Prayers sent heavenward for...
...my husband and children
...for my friend Ana Maria's husband
...all those who are sick and alone
...my son to learn his algebra
...our priests and religious, especially our parish priests, and Fr. Howe
...all the babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion this week, for a change of heart

Quote for the day...
...Without constant union with our Lord there cannot be any real holiness, one reason being that without recollection the inspirations of the Holy Spirit are missed and with them a host of opportunities of little sacrifices and a shower of graces.

As a means of gaining greater recollection, each morning at Holy Communion invite Jesus to dwell in your heart during the day as in a Tabernacle. Try all day to imagine even His bodily presence within you and often turn your thoughts inwards and adore Him as He nestles next your heart in a very real manner, quite different from His presence in all creation.

This habit is not easily acquired, especially in a busy life like yours, but much may be done by constant effort. At times you will have to leave Him alone entirely, but as soon as you can, get back to His presence again."
Fr William Doyle, SJ

h/t Janette


  1. My Internet has been as sketchy as my time but have been thinking about you and love your day book entry today. No words to offer just silent encouragement from over here. And awe over all you do!

  2. I tried commenting on my phone late last night and it got lost somewhere. We're licking our wounds over here -- we are big fans of the cremated team. ;-)

    One of the songs at the CGS atrium I love (based on a Psalm) "Be Still and Know That I Am God". I don't have the extra noise, but I do find it hard to just sit and "be" and pray.

    I finished blocking my shawl yesterday, and posted photos (faceless) on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/JennGM/weekend-shawl-2 I'm very pleased -- I think if I would to wear this more as an accessory out of the house I would make a medium, but the large has all the coverage for cozy but feminine lounging in the house, don't you think?

    I want to write up in Calligraphy the words of OLG to Juan Diego before I give it to my friend. I kept praying and contemplating these words about being in the folds of her mantle. The shawl is a great reminder.

    I'm exited about your shawl. I can't wait to see pictures.

    I'm trying to think what to do next for me (got lots of projects to make for others). I want a purple shawl and a grey shawl. I think maybe a half-circle lacy one and a crescent shaped lacy grey one. Or vice versa. I've decided I don't like triangle shaped because they don't cover nor stay on well.

  3. Your shawl plans look so lovely! Love that yarn, I'm fond of grey myself. Like Kim, I am often in awe of your 'doings'! And thank you for that quote at the end there - I think I will write that out and hang it up here for constant reminder. Have a blessed Monday!

  4. Thank you, Kim. Your words are always encouraging!

  5. I am loving the shawl, Jennifer. The yarn is wonderful!

  6. Kimberlee, this grey is beautiful -- a purply sort of grey. And thank you for your encouragement, as well.

  7. Will let the good Fr Howe know of your prayers!


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