Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Thursday, September 05, 2013


In the backyard... 

...it's sunny and moderately warm today. We are having cool nights, but the sun sure warms us up during the day. I can't say it feels like fall yet, but I have planted some autumn blooms, so at least make the yard look prettier. The annuals (except for the New Guinea impatiens) did not do well this year.

What's going through my mind...

...a new year. Thank goodness for new starts; they are so energizing. I started the school year with an awful cold, and I still have energy, just because it's a new year. I can't wait until the cold is gone and I can feel completely revved up. (I got hit by the cold on the day of my colonoscopy -- one week ago. As my brother Jeff said, "It was a crappy day to get sick." He's always got a pun on the ready!)

In the school room...

...all new books and supplies (well some old, but new to Faith). A few new subjects, too -- typing, for one, and a really fun new geography program (I went with Little Passports US Edition and Faith thinks it's the most fun thing she's ever done -- worth the price then, especially since most of the other things we are using we already owned. I worked with the company and they sent me all the packets up front so we can get through all 50 states in 15 months.).

Just a sampling of the books and supplies needed to get through sixth grade -- big changes this year. And of course, a schultute.

Homeschool socialization when you homeschool alone: recess is spent swinging and talking to your girlfriend (also a homeschooler) on speaker phone

On the table...

...tonight, black beans and rice because today is dance day and that means I won't be in the kitchen during the "cooking" hour.  It's also feast of Blessed Mother Teresa, so a meal of beans and rice seemed appropriate in my mind.

Today I am wearing...

...a light green and blue cotton skirt, green top, and my Haflinger clogs.

I am reading...

...Call the Midwife, book 2, Shadows of the Workhouse on my Kindle. I actually like it just as well, if not better than the first.

Around the house...

...a little clutter, a little laundry, but nothing major.

I am creating....

...lots of scapulars
...repairing a dozen or so rosaries
...a baby mobile for my cousin Amy with the cutest little wool felt birds
...a few skirts for me

I am thankful...

...that I can homeschool Faith, and she can dance on Tuesdays and Thursdays when most other children are in school

Prayers sent heavenward for...

...my husband and children

...prayers of Thanksgiving for my cousin Amy's baby Margot, and that Amy is feeling more like herself and hopefully the diabetes is behind her

...for some special friends and their special intentions

...our priests and religious

...all the babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion this week, for a change of heart

Photo of the day....


  1. I can't believe Faith (and Little Brother) are in 6th grade this year! Just can't get my head around the idea.
    Adventure Boy gave me a New Guinea Impatiens for Mother's Day and I actually planted it before I killed it. That thing took off like CRAZY. It makes my flower bed look like I actually know how to grow things.

    1. Barb, these kids are growing like New Guinea Impatiens!

  2. Love that pic of Miss Faith...so pretty! Before too long you'll be looking at pics of her in a cap and gown like I'm doing. :)

    1. Oh Cheryl, I KNOW! But then she'll be headed to the convent, right??

  3. I thought she was in ..like..4th grade or something!! She is growing up so fast! In my mind, my kids grow but other peoples kids stay the same until I get an update and it seems like they grew up over night. not sure if that is understandable.

    1. Christine, I'm the same way! I am always shocked to see other people,s children all grown up! Yesterday my husband sent me a picture of one of my oldest son's old classmates and he was a grown man. Well, duh...my son is 23!

  4. Your flowers look so lovely and your deck has such a pretty, lush look. I like how you have that ivy and all coming up the side there.
    Faith looks like such a big girl! Her butterfly skirt is so pretty (can't remember if you made it?)!
    May your new school year be a blessed one.

  5. Thanks, Kimberlee. I like the ivy, too. It 's growing up through the cracks in the deck. At least I'll like it until it starts to destroy the deck. ;-)
    Faith's skirt is from Crazy 8s. It's the less expensive sister to Gymboree. As fast as Faith grows, some things (like skirts) aren't worth spending a ton on (because we have no little sisters!). And it's hard to find modest length skirts (as I'm certain you know!).

  6. Love the picture of Faith on the phone with her friend!!

    It HAS been fun watching her grow up on here. We all love her. (and you!)


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