Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Monday, September 16, 2013


First off, I have a prayer request. My son's fiancée, Taylor, started RCIA classes yesterday. Please pray for her. I know this won't be easy, while going to school and holding down a job, but she is willing. Please pray that she stays interested and the classes, and the instructors, continue to make her feel this is worth her time. She is very interested in the Catholic Church, and has said she feels closer to God at Mass, but she is not as connected to us as she once was, when Joshua lived at home, when she was coming over several times a week (and attending Mass with us!). But, she has asked me to be her sponsor, and I feel great about that. The campus RCIA program, however (at the Newman Center), gives the students a secondary sponsor, whom they meet with more regularly than the primary sponsor (me). I guess they know students often choose a sponsor who is out of town and won't be able to make weekly meetings. I am hopeful I can sit in on some of those meetings, however, just to hear what is being said.

The college boys came home for dinner yesterday. I took them both grocery shopping, then they dropped me off at home, and went to get haircuts. I was disappointed that I did not get a "before" especially of Geoffrey because he shaved before he left home and then after his haircut, well, let's say it was a big change.

When I mentioned that I had forgotten to get a "before" he said he had one. 

Voilà...my hairy son:

The after:

Joshua is on the right. The hairy one (Geoff) is on the left. I have no idea why he making such a face. I am thinking I didn't get my money's worth from the cut, whadya think? Maggie was very pleased to have her boys home. Lotsa good smells. ;-)

My day yesterday just flew by, and when I got home around 8:30 from taking them back to campus, I barely had the energy to paint my nails (but I did, you'll be glad to know). They (my nails) went to Mass with nothing but a fresh coat of Nail Envy and they felt quiet naked, and happy to get their standard coat of Imported Bubbly and on top of that Bubble Bath (with a coat of OPI Top Coat my manicure lasts a whole week). I'm glad we had this talk. It certainly wasn't on the list of things I thought I'd chat about today, but hey, this is "streaming." At least I'm blogging, right?

My day (yesterday) went like this:

Wake, make coffee
Read morning reading material
Make breakfast (waffles)
Iron a few clothes for Mass
Get a shower, dress
Do Faith's hair (she's in a "making little braids while it's wet so she can wake up and have wild hair" phase)
Wake Noah for shower, wake Noah for shower, wake Noah for shower (not a typo)
Go to Mass
Come home from Mass
Make BLTs for everyone
Drive 25 minutes to campus; pick up two sons from two different apartments
Take two sons to grocery store
Pay for groceries (ugh!)
Go home and start dessert and dinner
Serve dinner and dessert (chicken fingers, Cain's sauce, creamed corn -- yum! -- baked butternut squash and loaded M&M Oreo cookie Bars -- yum!)

Clean up the dishes
Drive boys back to campus
Drive home

Now, aren't you exhausted? Please tell me you would be exhausted, because I am concerned about the level of exhaustion I feel some days, primarily weekend days, I have noticed. I am so very grateful Mondays.

Today I had a follow-up with the hematologist I saw after my last DVT. He took me off of Coumadin the last two months so he could do some testing for genetic clotting factors. The good news is (for my children), I don't have any. The bad news is (not really bad, but frustrating), I am one of the 70% of people who get clots and have no idea why. I will have to go back on blood thinners, but this time he's trying me on Xarelto, which means I don't have to watch what I eat (I do on Coumadin -- especially Vitamin K veggies), and I don't have to get my INR checked. Unfortunately, I will have to stay on it forever, and buy one of those pretty med-alert bracelets so that if I'm in a car accident I hopefully won't bleed out before they get me to a hospital.

That's all for now. I have to go start the potatoes for Potato Eggs (have you had these? they look delightful). I'm putting the sausage links on the side, but --yum -- they would make a great meatless meal without the sausage.


  1. You've got it on the prayers! I was an RCIA sponsor when I was in grad school. It was a great experience for me. I like that the Newman Center has co-sponsors so the student has a faith-buddy both at home and at school.

    Those cookie bars look AMAZING. I'm exhausted just reading about what you did all day.

    And I like the beard on your son...but WITH the new haircut!

  2. That is a great before and after shot! Your boys have great hair..so thick. Most of my kids have thin like mine.sigh.

    Praying for Taylor. It is so important to understand and know the faith to really love it.

    Love the bars. They looks yum yum!

  3. Sometimes I like the beard, Barb, but I will always prefer that sweet, clean-shaven face! I tease him he looks like Jesus with the beard. ;-)

  4. Christine, their hair is incredibly thick. So is Noah's. Of course, Faith got my fine thin hair!

  5. Oooo, thanks so much for sharing the Baked Potato Egg recipe. I can't wait to try that. We so rarely eat meat in this house these days, that I'm always on the lookout for new and fun ways to eat meatless. I'm fairly certain this one will appeal to at least one of the kids!!

  6. I like the beard, too!

    I did my nails TWICE yesterday! After getting a "real" manicure a few weeks ago, I'm much less satisfied with the home version. Even after throwing out the old, thick polishes, my nails end up rough or bubbly when I try to use a base and/or top coat. I think I may start going to the salon regularly----for $10 it lasts 2 weeks and I'm not wasting a ton of polish at home!

  7. Anne, we liked them a lot! I'll post them on my food blog too.

  8. Sara, do you use OPI polish? Using the same color all the time I go through it before it gets thick, and good polish does make a difference. And the nail envy has really helped my menopausal brittle nails!

  9. I'm tired right along with ya! I have to work on the nail polish, Gabriela's been begging to put nail polish on me but the chipping after a day or two drives me nuts. Maybe when I no longer have to do laundry :-)

  10. Love the before and after pics!! Wow, he looks totally different with a beard and longer hair!! I thought, "No, that can't be Barbara's son!" then saw the "after" and was like, "Yes, there he is!"

    Prayers for your future daughter in law. One thing I'd try to encourage her to do is go to Adoration!! Maybe Jesus will take care of anything you miss when you are not there!

    I hope this new medicine works out for you...

    Gotta check out those bars, they look so Fall like...might have to make those for our pro life bake sale next month!

  11. Ana Maria, if I waited until I didn't have laundry for a manicure, well, I'd never have another!

  12. Jamie,
    Well, as it turns out, this medication is not for me...more on that later. Back to coumadin. Thanks for the recommendation on Adoration. I really doubt if the Newman Center offers Adoration (you have a lot more opportunities in your area than we do), but there is a traditional church not too far from campus. I'll check their schedule.


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