Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Friday, May 03, 2013


I have had so much to say lately and not much time to say it...like so many bloggers I just have this running monologue in my head. You know, the issues we would discuss if you could come over for coffee in the morning or iced tea in the afternoon. I admit, I'm rather lonely most days, for adult companionship, that is. Faith chatters all day, but by about 3 p.m. I just can't listen any more.

And my husband talks to people all day at work, so he doesn't really want to chat that much in the evening, and especially not about the topics we would talk about. Girl stuff, ya know.


Anyway...just to chat, I have to say, after two weeks with Miss Ava (as she is known in the parts, aka the cat), I don't think I'm a cat person. I think a lot of people are either dog people or cat people, and some are both (but not many I think), and though I tolerate her, I don't "get" her. I had a cat growing up but she was more like a dog. Ava plays mind games. I don't know how cats do that, or if it's intentional, but I dislike it very much. She has about 300 different meows and I only know about two of them -- "I'm hungry" and "I would like you to pet my head." The other meows could result in purring, or a twitch of the tail, which I can figure out means "leave me alone or I'll bite you."

Dogs don't play games. What you see is what they are -- playful, gentle, energetic, even mean. It's all right out there. Kind of like little boys. I think that is why I love little boys -- what you see if what they are. No secrets. I like dogs. And little boys.

 I can go from sweet sleeping kitty to "I want to scratch your eyes out" in 3 seconds.

So that's the story with the cat. I promise you, this will not become a cat blog.


I have had a little secret that I have not told you because I was afraid it was too good to be true.

Joshua's girlfriend, Taylor, is planning to start RCIA classes in the fall.

Isn't that awesome?

Our Taylor, on her birthday last summer

They have been dating for over two years now, and a couple of months ago she told me that she has every intention of spending the rest of her life with Joshua (which is proof that there is a merciful God in heaven!). We have had some serious discussions lately and she has been going to Mass with us a lot. But I still wasn't sure just where their relationship would go, spiritually, religion-wise. She was raised Presbyterian, and though Joshua has a strong faith, he is still rather young and I was afraid could be persuaded to go in another direction. Every child has the potential to be drawn away from his or her faith, no matter how strong a faith he or she has as a child, or even young adult. We all have different motivators and love can be a strong one. Joshua is the kind of young man who does not like to make waves, so to speak, and I could see him being drawn away from the Church so as not to hurt the love of his life.

Taylor told me, though, rather early on in their relationship, that she feels closer to God in our Church. Isn't that beautiful? (and you know me, I'm not usually a gusher) Joshua also has a young Catholic friend, Jon,  who is such a dynamo of faith. He just radiates love for God and has been such a great influence on both of them. I think they have both seen, through him, that we CAN be in this world and not of this world. It's easy to say that, and they both see it from Doug and I, but we are parents. It's so much more influential to see it from a friend -- a guy who shows love for Christ without being a preacher. I thank God for this young man, and his parents -- they really did something right.

So, please keep Joshua and Taylor, especially, in your prayers. I am fervently praying that next year we will be attending the easter Vigil and welcoming our future daughter-in-law into the Church. I'm not sure her parents are pleased with her decision, so she will need fortitude.

And speaking of a future daughter-in-law, Joshua and I are doing some special shopping tomorrow. I'm not going to tell, but I bet you can guess. But it's hush, hush until the fall. Or so he says. I doubt he can keep it under wraps for that long. Unless I take it and put it in a safe deposit box and hide the key.

That's all for today. I hope you are enjoying my Mary posts. I love to find some little tidbit about her every day, and share my love for her with you.

Please also remember my father-in-law in your prayers. His spirits are up and he has actually been remarkably cheerful. He has been a model for his sons and grandchildren and for that I am very thankful. I am praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet for him, and I'm off now to bake him another German Apple Cake, as his stash of pieces he saved from two weeks ago is now all been eaten.


  1. Ava has her own personality. My two farm cats are nothing like my other kitty who seemed more intelligent.

    OH OH OH OH..this is so exciting!! Thanks for sharing, Barb, hush hush from this end.Does she read your bloggy?? must not!! Prayers for this young couple!

  2. OH, how exciting for your whole family! So many things, the RCIA stuff, the future engagement...the ring, everything!!

    Blessings to both of them and her especially as she goes through RCIA.

    I am not an animal person...but laughed through all your cat things....so funny! I love your comparison, doggies and little boys. Adorable.

  3. Oh, and I'll pray for your FIL!

  4. So exciting!! Deo Gratias!
    I would imagine your mama heart must be bursting with joy and gratitude!
    Prayers for the ones you love, both young and old. (and how good of you to make apple cakes!)

  5. Sweet news indeed...praying for them! How wonderful that they have a friend who influenced them both in a good way.
    Glad to hear your FIL is doing well.
    As to the cat, well, I'm highly allergic, so I avoid them. But I get what you mean about the game-playing, and how dogs are more like little boys!

  6. I hear there are really lovable cats out there, but I haven't seen much of it. We might have had *one* out of all our cats growing up.

    Husbands who don't talk. My INTJ is done at the end of the day, and I'm lonesome for adult conversation, too. Call me. You have my number!

    How exciting that Taylor has fallen in love with the Church, too! God bless her. Both of them.

  7. Yay!!! Okay, let me just get through First Communion (tomorrow!) and we can have that coffee or iced tea sometime next week?! Praying for you all, as always :-)

  8. How exciting! I'll be praying for them both.

    That's so funny about your cat. Maybe that is why I liked the cat I had as a teenager; she was just like a dog. She sat for a treat, would come when I whistled, and would come running if I called her. I haven't had a pet since I've had children... I can't imagine children and an animal to keep track of. If would be the end of me.

  9. Such wonderfully awesome news!!! I am so excited now!

    And you are absolutely correct about young people being drawn away from their faith - even those raised in faithful families. You are indeed very blessed that Taylor has been interested in joining Joshua in the church because the opposite has happened with my youngest brother and it has broken my mother's heart. He has a girlfriend who has not been raised with any particular faith and she considers herself "spiritual, not religious" :/ He is very much a follower and she doesn't think that religion is important so he doesn't make a stand for his faith. Now they are living together because she thinks it's not a big deal . . . my mother feels like she's done everything wrong. Just have to keep praying for them.

    Anyway, don't mean to be a wet blanket . . . yay for the happy news! Keep us posted! :)

  10. Each of your Mary posts is more beautiful than the one before! Thank you for sharing them. I went thrift shop shopping with my daughter-in-law yesterday; I was so "hungry" for some girl-talk. I was a great day! I will continue to pray for your father-in-law. How exciting about Joshua and Taylor! I'll be praying for them as well. ~ Rosemary


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