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Phil 4:6-7

Friday, May 31, 2013

12 / year...May

If you want to play along, please do. No quality or quantity limits...no time limits (except it would probably be a good idea to do one a month ...that's kind of the idea). Other than one a month, do whatever you like. I will too. Some months may be busy and fun, some may be boring. You can be artistic or not, just show life, or be symbolic. You choose it all!

You are welcome to snatch my image. I never did get a button made...you can snag it and link back if you want. Just leave a comment here so I can come and see what you did in May 2013.

It's been a long month in our home. It seems like a year since May 1st. Much of it was sad, and there are no pictures for that. But I was happy to see some of the pictures I, just this morning, downloaded from the camera.

This month began where the last one left off -- with the new cat and the dog still getting used to each other.

And with us getting used to her as well -- here she is as "schoolcat."

The beginning of May brought new flowers, as promised by April showers.
I actually have no idea what this beauty is, but she is very unique.

Miss Azalea was looking mighty pink against a backdrop of these variegated perennials.

More schoolcat. It seems she likes pencil erasers. 
You never know when she might try to "catch" one. Funny cat.

Faith's annual dance recital unfortunately fell on the weekend right after Doug's father's death. She was able to dance on Saturday, but not on Sunday. 

Her lyrical performance (costume pictured above) was on Saturday, but her jazz and lyrical performances were on Sunday.

So I dressed her up in her jazz costume at a later date and took a picture for remembering it by. No stage makeup here.

The knockout roses are in bloom for the start of June. They are gorgeous. 

The flag flew on Memorial Day and the cat spent most of her day wishing she could catch it as it swooped up into the breeze.

I'll see you at the end of June with another edition. Leave a comment if you join the fun so I can come and see what you did with your May.


  1. Your daughter looks beautiful and I am sure she had a wonderful dance performance.

    You also have a beautiful garden. I just cannot get into the flower thing at my home.

    May has flown by so fast.blink blink.

  2. Barbara,
    That first flower is a Columbine.

  3. Faith looks lovely in her dance costumes. I forgot to tell you this story but when we played last a song came on the radio and my kids started singing to it then Faith started singing with them. My oldest said "you know this song?!" (like we are the only ones who listen to this radio station LOL). Faith said "oh yeah, we danced to this song at my dance school!". So now everytime we hear it we call it "Faith's Song" ;-) Anyhow, baseball got rained out so I was able to post my photo diary! -http://bottledponderings.blogspot.com/2013/05/12year-may.html Talk soon!

  4. It's late, but it is still 10 minutes til midnight! I did it!

  5. Oh, when did Faith grow up? Gosh she's growing up so fast. Beautiful Faith!


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