Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day daybook

Outside my window... 

...grey, and cold, very cold, but expected to get into the mid-40s today with rain on the way. My head could have told you that even if weather.com did not. I get whopper weather headaches.

 I am thinking... 

...about many, many things...my mind is like a kaleidoscope, and each time I think of something different, the kaleidoscope turns and all the other little bits of associated thoughts come with. Make sense?

From the lesson plans...  

...no school today, but mostly the same as last week for the remainder of the week (between three doctor's appointments for me):

(rerun from last week, but in case you weren't reading; skip over if you were)
We are reading several books about Pope Benedict this week, and talking about choosing a new pope. Faith is not terribly interested, as I don't imagine I was at age 10, so I'll talk until I see her eyes glaze over and then hush up. Once the conclave meets, there will be visuals (television) to help her see the bigger picture, so to speak.

Science for the time being is Magic School Bus, which I never gave much credit to, but after listening to the Bugs, Bugs, Bugs episode and hearing what she learned about bees, I give it a little more credence. We've had so many doctor's appointments and spent so much time waiting for blood draws, I can't fit it all in.

For the same reason, she has been watching some Liberty's Kids (both series we get from the library) and This is America, Charlie Brown. She despises Schoolhouse Rock or I'd have her watching those, too.

Other than that, it's all the language arts live and in person, as well as math, and religion. A few of you emailed me about the FlashMaster and all I can say is, it works, so far. Faith's computation has improved slowly but certainly, and she doesn't fight it...too much. Certainly not as much as she would flash cards. I've tried Timez Attack, kindle and iPhone apps, writing and saying the times tables, and timed quizzes. None have worked this well, and I foresee us using it for a while. I like that it has the option of practicing addition and subtraction because my little chicken was occasionally still using her fingers. I have been trying to teach her to "make tens" when adding a column of numbers, ever since she could add. She just could get it and I think it was because she didn't remember the tens' combinations -- 9/1, 8/2, 7/3, etc. Yesterday she did it for the first time without any help. Oh. my. goodness. Yeah for Faith!

One more thing...following in Mrs. Whaley's footsteps (Ramona reference) we are having sustained silent reading this year (why did I never do this before? 30 minutes of silence? Alleluia! -- whoops wasn't supposed to say that today). Anyway, I found a list of chapter book series for (younger) girls that seems to be ok (might tend slightly toward the feminist but what book for girls written after 1960 isn't?). But if you ever need a good suggestion for books for kids a little older, be sure to check out the Treasure Chest for Tweens.

From the kitchen..

...a lasagna I put in the freezer over the holidays -- a whole pan uneaten and wrapped and frozen. Yum. Because it's President's Day I would normally make a Lincoln Log, but we've had two birthday cakes in two days and I will NOT be making Lincoln Log.

 I am wearing...

 ...a black skirt, black turtleneck, black leggings and black patent loafers. I may need to add some color to my wardrobe. Ya think? Maybe I'll add a grey cardigan later -- so colorful.

I am reading...

for Lent -- I am reading True Devotion to Mary again, Lent and Easter with Mary, and Consoling the Heart of Jesus. I not reading anything else during Lent, but I am listening to The Postmistress on my iPhone via Overdrive when I am sewing or cooking. I find it more interesting than the reviewers at Goodreads found it, but I am listening and not reading, which is definitely different. I recently listened to Heaven is for Real which was also interesting to listen to but often redundant. I don't think I could have read it, but listening is so much easier.

I am creating...

...a sweater for Faith, rosaries, scapulars, quilts, doll bedding for Faith's belated Christmas gift, pajamas and pillowcases for Faith's birthday. I finished one baby quilt. I got nothing else done since I last posted this list -- there was Ash Wednesday, St. Valentine's Day, and then Faith's birthday party and family dinner this weekend. I will be glad to get back to some quiet work.

I also have about a dozen broken rosaries to repair. I repaired two of them last evening, washed them, polished the silver, and they are good as new. I love that!

 I am planning...

...to not have another girl birthday party for a couple of years. On Saturday we had twelve little girls, ages 7 to 12 over for three hours. It was an American Girl party, and I agreed to do it only because I was afraid on the 12th birthday Faith might not be quite so eager to declare her love for dolls. The girls were darling and they brought their dolls, which were darling, and it was lots of fun, but lots, and lots of work (and loud!).

I am hoping... 

...for a peaceful week, an answer to why my knee hurts so badly (results of MRI tomorrow), and a good appointment with a hematology oncologist (to find out why I had an unprovoked DVT).

 Around the house...

 ...lots and lots and lots of laundry. I haven't done big laundry since Thursday, as the weekend was consumed by girl birthday.

I am going...

...to the coumadin clinic today and the health food store for calendula to make calendula lotion for my friend Gina. Calendula is supposed to be good for burns and the radiation is already blistering her skin. (very sad face)

 I am praying for...

...my children, and my husband

...my father-in-law who, we just learned, has cancer. We don't know a lot yet, other then he has multiple tumors, but we are very hopeful, that with good docs, and the grace of God, he will be just fine.

...my dear friend Gina, who is just a fraction of the way through radiation.

...for our Kelly, who brought baby Anna home last week. Yeah Kelly. Keep resting! 

...our priests and all religious, especially those who have strayed from the teachings of the Church

 ...all of the babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion this week, and for a change of heart for their mothers. 

Thought for the day...

yesterday's meditation in Lent and Easter with Mary

"No mother ever had more sons, no one was so blessed or showed more fidelity. None was ever so holy, beautiful, fair, so honored, and endowed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. No mother ever had more love for her son." -- St. Ignatius of Loyola's Meditation on Mary

Pictures for the day...

I'll make a party post but here's a peek. The first pic is the party. The second is last night's family dinner with grandparents and my brother. The silly hat was a gift from my brother.


  1. Happy birthday to Faith! It sounds like it was fun. Cut panda hat---Meg wanted one of those for her birthday, but I couldn't find one.

    Poor Gina. I hope the calendula lotion helps; you're such a sweetheart. Prayers for your FIL, too. :-(

  2. The hat came in an Amazon box with another panda hat (I thought the one she has on in the picture was a Boston Terrier!).

    I hope the calendula lotion is helping, too. I made some before her radiation started. Gina said she keeps a bottle in the car so it's nice and cold when she comes out of her treatment. I am also making some calendula infused water for her to use as a compress.

  3. Adding my prayers for your FIL and more prayers for Gina. Hubs is using Aquaphor for his radiation burns, and it is a slow healing process. How many sessions does she have?

    A bit of shameless promotion: visit electingthepope.net for answers to all kinds of conclave-related questions!

    Those are two AMAZING cakes! And hey, I saw Kit! Middle Sister has Kit.

  4. Happy birthday, Faith!! And can I come and have my next birthday at your house, Barbara? Your arties always look so nice. :)

  5. Lovely photos! My kids like Liberty Kids from the library too. And Magic School Bus.


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