Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


It feels like it's been months since I blogged, and actually it's just been a little over a week. A lot can happen in a week. We mostly enjoyed our eight days of Christmas thus far. I took pictures of  ♬ a few of my favorite things ♬.

A new tree this year. Surprise to us! 
The boys went down to get the tree from storage
 and it wasn't there. 
Doug forgot that he put it out on the curb last year 
so we wouldn't be tempted to use it again -- it was pretty old.
We bought a new pre-lit tree 
and even though the lights don't glow
 like the old one, 
it took exactly three minutes to assemble. Yey!

Geoffrey is back at school today, and Noah starts back to school on Thursday. I promised Faith I would  make a gingerbread church with her, and so I think we'll do that on Thursday, and some lessons on Friday. It's going to be a rough transition because we took a longer break than we normally do.

A new ornament this year. My brother (former Marine Corps major) 
This year's is a cute little car like the one President Taft rode in.

My mom decided last week to create some excitement and she ended up in the hospital. Actually, it was not intentional at all. On Thursday, she had several minutes of blurry vision when she got out of bed. She dressed, went to work as usual, and called the doctor from there. Because her doctor was not in, the nurse suggested she go to the ER because she felt the issue needed attention. My mom worked all day (that's my mom) and after work drove to the ER. When she got there her BP was 220/97. Yikes! Because the ER was just that, only an ER, she was transferred to the hospital by ambulance (they wouldn't let me drive her). She spent two nights there, and learned she has really erratic BP, and a brain aneurysm. Surprise, surprise! 

Ultimately, it was decided by the neurologist on the brain/stroke floor, that the vision blurriness was an issue with her eyes, that her BP needs much better management (she is on BP meds and takes her pressure every day, but usually at the same time, in the morning before work -- she needs to check it when she is active and stressed), and that the brain aneurysm (less than 5 mm) needs to be watched. They were, apparently, three completely unrelated issues, which scared the bejeebers out of us but are not life threatening. At one point we thought she'd had a TIA so we were on pins and needles thinking she could have a stroke any minute, but she, fortunately, got the "all-clear."

On with the show...

My sister-in-law gifted me with this plate. 
She found it at a thrift store and rescued it for me. I love it, 
and I love that I am worthy of a rescued religious item!

The other "happy" news (totally sarcastic) is that my ovarian cyst is still there. My ultrasound was last Thursday, but because of the weekend and then the holiday, I haven't heard from my doctor. It does bother me (mentally) only because I know that the generally harmless kinds of cysts don't usually occur in women my age. I'll be calling the doctor in the morning. 

I also have to go see another orthopedist about the meralgia paresthetica in my right leg. It got much worse over the holiday (probably from standing in the kitchen for days) and it's very painful. I'm having so much fun! I must admit that when my extended family all kissed Happy New Year last night, I was thinking, "I sure hope next year is better than this year was!"

I saved the best for last.
My beloved gave me a statue of the Blessed Mother for our new mantel.
She is so beautiful, tall, graceful, and cradling that newborn God. 
It's such a special gift and one I will treasure forever.

I hope that you enjoy the rest of your twelve days. I try to get back soon...stay tuned.


  1. Merry Christmas, Barbara! -- sounds like your Christmas was eventful, to say the least. Once again, I wish we were neighbors - I'd invite you over to sit a while and snuggle my new little guy. He's very soothing. :)

    PS: I love your tree and your new statue. They are beautiful!

  2. What special gifts you received! I *love* your statue!! And why don't I ever find neat religious items in thrift stores?! {{Hugs & prayers for you, friend!}}

  3. Oh, my gosh, you went through a lot in a week!! Glad your mama is OK, at least you know what to watch for...so funny (not really) that she went to work and waited til after work...Love your gifts...that plate, what a treasure...the stature, what a husband!

    I'm thinking no news is good news on your "stuff" because if it were bad, holiday or not, they would have called.

    Keep us posted.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Barbara, your tree is lovely. you do such a nice job decoarting it. We have a collection of the White House ornaments as my mom gives us one each year. I hope your mom is doing well. I'm so surprised she made it through the whole day at work feeling like that. What a trooper! Praying that all goes well with you and your results. Please keep us posted. Merry Christmas to you and your family! : )

  5. First off, lovely tree, and the plate and statue are wonderful! Graceful is definitely the word to describe the sculpture. The devotion between Mother and Child in it is almost tangible just through the photograph!

    As to your health issues and your moms, consider yourselves held in prayer! I'll be off to Mass in a few minutes and will definitely be praying for you both.

    I'm with you 100% on wanting to leave 2012's health issues far, FAR behind.

  6. My inlaws give us the White House ornaments every year, too. I thought the car was very cute this year! I often have to rescue religious items at Goodwill. It's nice when you have someone you can give them to since it can get to be a lot of stuff! :-(

    I'm glad your mom is ok. What a week you've had! I hope you get good answers from your doctors!

  7. Prayers for all the sickie issues to heal themselves and not cause further problems. I LOVE your new statue! Gorgeous!

  8. So sorry you are having yet more medical issues (yours and your family's). Your new statue is so lovely! I have a plate almost exactly like yours (same picture and trim, but not fluted). I bought it at a thrift store because it reminded me of one my grandfather had in his house years ago. I do love old things like that.
    May the new year bring you and yours many blessings!

  9. I love the tree and I love the statue! I will keep your mom in my prayers! Hang in there, my friend! I want to see pictures of that Gingerbread creation!

  10. Happy New Year, Barbara! So...was the news from your doctor good? How's your mom doing? I went through a period like you're going through about 10 years ago...it felt like life was whizzing out of control on all fronts. But prayer centers me...and it certainly did then. Now, I'm praying to center you.


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