Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Daybook

aka Sick day Daybook

Outside my window... 
...it's a bright-blue-sky day. It is very chilly (36 degrees F), slightly breezy and very, very bright (I have to be careful not to catch a glare if I look out because they trigger migraines).

 I am thinking... 
...about what I should be thankful for (but not necessarily am thankful for). Still ruminating on the election, mostly about what could have been, not really how it happened. My brothers are very conservative and I think next week's gathering at Thanksgiving might end up being more of a gripefest than Thanksgiving. I'll need to work extra hard to remember how good we all have it.

From the lesson plans...  
...today is a sick day. Faith was up sick during the night. She seems to be ok now other than a slightly sore throat and feel a little puny. She slept late and now is on the sofa with some weak tea and my Kindle watching Strawberry Shortcake. I think she might be the only 10-year-old in the U.S. who watches "baby TV" (as the boys call it), but I would rather she watch that than High School Musical or any other number of Disney sitcoms.

From the kitchen...
...tonight some Chicken Pot Pie and homemade applesauce. Today is the feast of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, so I plan to make some Pizzelles and Chocolate Gelato. Hopefully Faith will be well enough to at least nibble a pizzelle.

 I am wearing...
 ...a brown corduroy skirt, brown striped mock turtle, tights and brown clogs. It's a brown day.

I am creating...
 ...scapulars and chaplets. I still have tendinitis in my right arm and knitting really aggravates it, especially socks. 

 I am planning...
...Thanksgiving. Actually I am just thinking about planning it. Until Sunday I was in denial that it was looming on the calendar. Now I am in the first stages of acceptance. Ugh. Hosting a holiday truly takes most of the fun out of it.

I am hoping... 
...Faith feels better and we can get most of the school work on the lesson plans done this week.
...that I can host a memorable (and happy) Thanksgiving for my family.
...that doctors visits in the next month prove to be full of answers and that the physical therapy sessions prove successful (not so after four visits).

 Around the house...
 ...many, many loads of laundry; dust, dust, dust; leaves and some dirt on the floors. I need to shampoo the carpets in the living room and dining room because just a week after any cleaning of the carpet, someone spills, or tracks in dirt (dog and kids!)

I am going...
...to PT today (joy!) and dance lessons on Thursday. Other than that (oh, and taking Joshua to the doctor tomorrow and picking Noah up from school) not much is on the schedule.

 I am praying for...
...my children, and my husband

...my dear friend Gina. Thank you to all who are praying for her. She had her second treatment yesterday. I know she appreciates the prayers.

...our priests and all religious, especially the young priests who sometimes have such an uphill battle to fight

 ...all of the babies whose mothers are contemplating abortion this week

...all of those who are affected by the hurricane.

 For the rest of the week...
...Real Thanksgiving planning and major cleaning

Picture thought...

...Faith did a super leap in jazz class and her teacher really reacted. I volunteered to take photos of the classes through the year (just randomly) and I happened to get this one. Cute.

...Our Martinmas candles just before the table at Sunday dinner was set.


  1. I like High School Musical! Only the first one, though. :-) There's no kissing, the romance is about friendship, there are themes of getting along with those different than you, dealing with others' expectations vs. your own calling, graciousness both in winning and losing... and lots of catchy music. :-) Lots of people I know are anti-High School Musical, but I really don't know why. It's one Disney's B movies, and most of them are awful, but I think this one really shines.

    Hope Faith is feeling better soon!

  2. Loved the picture of Faith in her dance class! I'm continuing to pray for you and your family and for Gina. Our daughter-in-law is hosting Thanksgiving this year, for which I am very grateful. (I was recently blessed with a wonderful job in retail, but that means working the day after Thanksgiving.) I think she prefers doing it this way, rather than packing all the special-needs grandkids into the van and transporting them (and a motorized wheelchair) up here! Thanks for sharing on a "sick" day! I always come away with something positve from your posts. -- Rosemary

  3. Psst ... Anna is now 10 and still likes "baby" shows ;-)

    Oh! And I am still in denial that Thanksgiving is next week! And I also am in denial about my twins turning 5 next week! Whoa!

  4. Thank you for the updates and the positive outlook. :) Thanksgiving may be tough for a lot of people but I think we all need to turn our attention to the Lord right now. Perhaps you can defuse the situation by coming up with a list of things to be thankful for after this election and either voicing them or making Gratitude Rolls which is just crescent rolls with pieces of paper with those things on them baked into the dough. Does that make sense?

    I am grateful that there were no riots and no one was hurt or killed. I am grateful that we are challenged to make this nation a force for good again. We've been too complacent. I keep trying to come up with reasons to be joyful in the face of this ... event. Perhaps I'm grasping at straws but I have not nor will I lose my Faith nor my love of this country. We're all just passing through anyway.

  5. Love that photo you got of Faith, how you captured her smile in the mirror.

    I hoped you would have gotten out of Thanksgiving this year!! With Simeon and everything we're going through, I am NOT doing Thanksgiving for anyone but ourselves...I just can't do it. Hoping to be back to normal next year!

    He's pretty fussy today, but eating...thanks so much for all your prayers!

  6. What lovely lanterns. Someday will do that. I'm continuing my prayers for you and Gina. God bless you both. My mother in-law hosts Thanksgiving every year, but we like to have our own meal as well. I have my own traditions that I want my kids to remember and it's nice to have our own leftovers. It will be hard, but it will be a good thing to force ourselves to focus on all the reasons we have to be thankful.

  7. Oh I can so relate to moving from denial to 'the first stages of acceptance'. Time is flying so fast! I feel like the election sucked up all of my brain for so many weeks and the fall is slipping away so quickly. Hope the rest of your week is happy and healthy.


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