Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Friday, October 19, 2012


Why does Friday get here faster and faster these days? It seems like I go to bed on Monday, and wake up and it's Friday. I know some people prefer it that way, but I feel like I am missing out on all my good working time.

Faith and I are home tonight, and the boys are at the last home high school football game. It's pouring down rain, so I am sure they are enjoying themselves immensely {sarcasm}. I do enjoy these nights at home alone with the girl, so I am sad to see the football season come to an end. It's also an end to our Friday suppers of mashed green peas, salmon patties and roasted potatoes. Only the girl and I have an appreciation for this meal. We take our suppers into the family room and watch dvr'd episodes on The Pioneer Woman on tv. We are super cheap dates, I tell ya.


I have to tell you about a new policy we (meaning I) put in place this last week. Last week I was sitting in the van knitting while I waited for Faith to finish her jazz class. I was listening to The Doctor is In and Dr. Ray was talking to a woman about her daughter who was driving her mad with her slovenliness. I listened closely because we may or may not have that particular problem in our house. Dr. Ray suggested that when the child leaves her things where they don't belong, the items should be confiscated and kept until the child pays for them. If they have not been paid for in two weeks, they go bye-bye. I admit, I have tried this method before but I always cave because I am not going to throw away good shoes or electronic devices because my kids don't have the cash to get them back. (I may or may not already throw away stuff I consider to be junk.) I decided that if they don't have the money to get their stuff back, I can dole out jobs. I can afford to be patient. Eventually they will notice their stuff is gone right? If not and the stuff is still around in six months, I can always give it to a charity. You would not believe how much stuff I have collected already. Ok, maybe you would. And I'll give you one guess as to who is the biggest slob.

I'll give you a hint. There are no size 13 mens' shoes up there (there are three and a half pairs of size 3 girls' shoes up there). I started putting the loot up on top of the fridge, but I think I need a trash can with a chain and a lock. By the way, the pretty green pot is mine, and I don't have to pay a quarter to get it back.

So far I have not noticed any less junk left where it doesn't belong. Sigh.


This week I added a new infirmity to my long list of ailments. (I know, it's really getting old.) I have knitting elbow. You read that right. Knitting elbow. The same injury you get from playing tennis but with about 1000 fewer calories burned. I could not even lift my coffee cup this morning, isn't that sad? And it seems that not just knitting aggravates it. Hand stitching, wire-wrapping and ironing all make it hurt as well. Only one of those activities I would like to do without. All day today I was working on a wire-wrapped St. Michael chaplet. I left all the stuff on the kitchen table and every once in a while I would wrap a bead just to see if it still hurt. It hurts. I am talking with Our Blessed Mother about this. I think she could maybe take care of it if I ask really nicely. I have a really long list of items that need to be under Christmas trees in two short months.

If you know of any home remedies for knitting elbow, I'd love to hear them. I have tried ice, but I just started today so I don't know how well it works yet. I refuse to go to the doctor for this, so the old-fashioned kinds of fixes are going to have to do.

Luckily I have a couple of good books to get through, so I won't be completely bored. Of course reading doesn't get that long list of to-dos finished.

Speaking of reading, I started reading The Glass Castle this week after Ginny Sheller's comment piqued my interest. All I can say is I am stunned, stunned, at the childhood this poor woman had. One would have thought that someone, somewhere would have noticed and helped.


On a lighter note, the colors in Ohio have finally just about reached peak, although I don't think peak is going to be quite as dazzling as in past years due to the drought. I think maybe this weekend we should take a drive to the Velvet ice cream mill to enjoy the colorful country roads. I think a scoop of pumpkin ice cream has my name on it. Or maybe...spumoni. It's hard to get good spumoni ice cream any more.

Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?


  1. I haven't read The Glass Castle yet, but I want to. I have read Walls' other book, Half-Broke Horses. It's her grandmother's life story and let me tell you, it is so good. Hair-raising, but good.

    And now I really want ice cream . . . ;-)

  2. This weekend's fun: I have music rehearsal for the Festival of Lessons & Carols. I don't know how many rehearsals I'll be able to attend, or if I'll be able to be there for the performance (all depends on what happens with my husband's health) but I love these rehearsals where I get to sit among AMAZING musicians and stretch my own vocal and instrumental abilities. Maybe I'm weird because this is my idea of fun--but it's just astounding to be a part of this group.

  3. So sorry to hear you are still having elbow troubles. Have you tried the brace for it? You can get one at the store - it wraps around your arm below the elbow and has a pad to put pressure on the spot that hurts and relieves the pain. I had it some time back from making rosaries - it eventually went away and has never returned. I would suggest you try to completely avoid the wire wrapping until it gets better and the inflammation has a chance to resolve. Squeezing those pliers is the worst. Enjoy your left handed coffee and ice cream, and I hope you are better soon!

  4. I miss Dr. Ray. I use to get him on the radio but he isnt scheduled on station anymore.

    The Glass Castle is heart breaking, however, I have read too many stories and heard too many that this isnt that uncommon. I am always amazed how some kids turn out sorta ok!

  5. I have read the Glass Castle, also. It was really amazing. Amazing that this woman had such a childhood, but then managed to become a successful author despite it all! A testament to the human spirit for sure.

    I am going to a Pampered Chef party today and that's about it for the weekend.

    I think I might have to employ your tactics for a little "messy" who is living in my house. I will let you know how it goes!

  6. Thank you for the rcommendation for "The Glass Castle". I'll check to see if our library has it. About the elbow: if you're using needlenose pliers, it could help to switch to ones with padded handles. I've done many years of twisting wire and cutting stems on silk flowers. Often it can be the squeezing in the hand that causes the pain in the elbow. We're going to our eldest grandson's 16th birthday party tomorrow. He's already an accomplished composer and musician who interviewed at the Conservatory of Music last week. Homeschooled, he's ready for college now. The group gift is a new acoustic/electric guitar! We have to leave early, though, because my spouse is scheduled for surgery at 6 AM Monday. (I will be semi-comatose at that hour.) Praying for you and yours! --- Rosemary

  7. I have found you. I suspected that things were not perfectly OK for you and your, so I read your streaming for the month of October, and I now understand. I am praying for you and Joshua, and I hope to see you back real soon @ Bless Us O Lord.
    Love, Linda

  8. I'm going to avoid The Glass Castle for now. In my emotional state I don't think it would be a good idea. Better stick to something light and uplifting.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your elbow.It's so frustrating when something gets in the way of doing something you enjoy. Good luck with the messiness policy. If I tried that at my house I would have so much stuff confiscated that I wouldn't know where to put it. ;)
    Seriously though, everyday it is a struggle to get the kids to put their things where they need to be. The shoes and socks just flung haphazardly on the floor in the kitchen and living room drive me crazy! I refuse to pick it up anymore and as soon as I see it I call the child back to pick it up and put the items where they belong. Grrr!

    Wishing you a very blessed Sunday, Barbara.

  9. Soak in Epsom Salt for the elbow? =( Just a wild guess. Sounds like Isaiah to me. I just today took a photo of his room, to show his father. And we clean every day. He leaves a tornado in his wake. Sigh. We do a pick up time together..every couple of days, after the mess is WAY out of hand and I can't take it anymore. I make a list of who needs to pick up what. If it's not picked up by a set time, I go around w/ my trash bag and I put things in it. Then they see it and they have to do jumping jacks for it. When they are older, I will make them do pushups. It works for now. Also, if they don't know where it goes, I tell them and they put it there. =)

  10. I have tried numerous methods to entice my ids to pick up and 'care' about their belongings. They just don't! I have a rolling SUITCASE full of clothes from one and a black garbage bag full of misc. items from all but the baby. I have thrown items, but that does feel extremely wasteful. I usually donate. The bottom line is that kids have too much. Advent is coming...I may incorporate something to lessen what we have that is not needed or necessary.

    Hope you are back in knitting form soon. The hat is beautiful.


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