Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Monday, August 27, 2012

First day...streaming

All the kiddies are back in school now.

Doug took Noah for his first day of sophomore year and they were gone by 7:15 this morning, with eggs and toast in their bellies. Noah may have had some butterflies in his as well. He unenthusiastically opened his schultüte and stored his pens and pencils away in his binder. He does everything unenthusiastically because he is 16, so I tried not to pay too much attention.

After they left, it was time to chug down a cup of coffee and get Faith up and get ready for morning Mass. This morning my friend Gina had a lumpectomy, and I especially wanted to get to Mass. Three good reasons: first day of school, Gina, feast of St. Monica.

After Mass we came home (we stopped to get the student a spinach artichoke souffle -- and a cup of coffee for the teacher -- at Panera) and Faith opened her schultüte. I gave one to all four kids, but only got one picture. I wish I had at least gotten a picture of Geoffrey. His hair has gotten long again and he has full facial hair. He reminds me of some pictures of Jesus. Whoa! I'll try to get a picture of him soon.

Faith sailed through the day. She has a very full curriculum this year and she lapped it up. She was ready for summer to end (but by the end of the day she was ready for her school day to end). She only melted down a little during math. Everything else she enjoyed. I am doing a little more spoon feeding now than normal, mostly because fifth grade is a big growing year. She'll grow into it.

I did a little knitting during math and reading but mostly I stayed right with her. I really love days like today. Everything is fresh and welcome.

I am attempting to knit two socks at the same time. 

At 3 o'clock we headed out to get Noah from school. He was a real grump, as he always is after school. I remember one of Geoffrey's preschool teachers joked that she just about had to throw raw meat on the driveway to get her kids off the bus. I didn't get it at the time -- why would a mother tolerate that kind of attitude? Ha. My first child was in preschool. Now I feel like that -- like I am picking up a hungry  lion from school. 

He perked up a little when we stopped at Rita's (I had promised Faith if she got all her work done before we had to get Noah we would stop -- I wouldn't have stopped for any other reason). Most days Doug will get him to save on gas. His life would be in danger if I had to get him every day.

We had a kid friendly dinner -- chicken fingers, mashed potatoes and fresh peaches (a veggie-free meal is a rare treat) and Joshua was home in time to join us. There was supposedly no homework today and everyone is just relaxing until bedtime. 

I, myself, am anxious for bedtime. I had several hot flashes last night. I don't know if they are menopausal and just coincidentally started since I started on thyroid medicine, or they are from the thyroid medicine. Any suggestions, other than a walk-in freezer in the master bedroom, are appreciated. I underestimated just how hot one human body can get. I should take my temperature when I'm having one. Oh my!


  1. I have taken my temp during hot flashes and am amazed to find NO change. It's insane. I am growing my hair now, because I need something that can be combed back off my face. And while it sure feels tempting, sticking your head in the freezer does NOTHING for hot flashes. Mine can't be blamed on thyroid meds, but they started a couple of years ago and REALLY ramped up since I said goodbye to the ovaries.

  2. I certainly hope you meant hot "flashes" and not hot "lashes"...because if you're getting hot lashes....I'm pretty sure that's going to hinder your sleep pattern some! ;o)

  3. Oh, do you even want to know what *I* think about nighttime hot flashes? ;-) I'll tell you anyway, and as a PSA to your readers.

    First of all, I'm sure that some people are having "real" hot flashes from pre-menopause, so I'm not denying that they exist. I was having them for a long time---waking, hot, heart racing, unable to go back to sleep until my heart slowed and I cooled off---I read at some point that this isn't a hot flash (even though everyone told me it was!), but it's low blood sugar. BS drops and the body uses a surge of adrenaline to bring it back up---hence the heat and racing heart. When I'm following my paleo diet with steady blood sugar, I don't have them. When I celebrate a feast or birthday with sweets, I do! It's very clear to me after several years of studying my own flashes that they're caused by blood sugar issues.

    Did you have them when you were off the wheat?

  4. I totally get the teen boy thing. Drives me nuts. I sure hope the rest of my boys are not quite so challenging as the first has been and continues 'to be'. His attitude affects everyone. I pray his eyes are opened, soon.

    I didn't make schultutes this year. It was a conscious decision on my part. Not that I wouldn't do it again, though.

    Great to hear (and see it in her smile!) that your daughter was excited about almost everything.

  5. The hot flashes might be the thyroid medication. If the dose is a little high, that can happen. If your heart begins to race that is another sign of too high a dose. There are many levels of thyroid hormone. I had to be taken down two levels when I first began the medication.

  6. Happy First Day of School!
    I have a teen also..can relate.
    Cannot comment on the flashes but they do sound horrible.

  7. The pictures of Faith are adorable. Teenage boys are a different species, in my opinion! :-) I remember those days well. I hope your hot flashes diminish. I've only had a few in my lifetime, but that was more than enough. --- Rosemary

  8. We're just entering the teen years with my two oldest being 14 and 13. It's not too bad…most days. It's my 11 year old boy that will be the death of me. Your sock toes are looking good. Did you figure out that problem you were having last time. I love that pic of Faith with her goodies at the table. Very sweet. :)

  9. What a darling 5th grader you have this year. :) And yes, 5th grade IS a big growing year. This is my first go at it myself, so I'm just now realizing it.

    By the way, you have lovely handwriting. :)


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