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Phil 4:6-7

Thursday, June 07, 2012

needle & thREAD

I'm joining Elizabeth this week to talk about stitching and reading.

needle and thREAD

There is not too much going on in the sewing department this week. I made this cute little dress for Faith over the weekend. At least she thinks it's cute. It's Simplicity 2377 and it was very easy to sew. Even while listening to an audiobook. 

The fabrics are not my taste, but they are hers. Always the conflict there. But I told her it could be a play dress, and let her choose. 

I wish now that I had not let her choose a stripe because the stripe lines in the fabric do not always line up with the pattern lines (like at the waist above the red piece). It's symmetrical but not straight, know what I mean?

But, it's a play dress, right? She really doesn't need another article of clothing or I'd be tempted to make it again in something I like. Next year.

I am going to attempt to make myself another skirt. I already tried twice with this pattern, and found out too late, that unlike children's clothes, which always run large, and in which I always make at least one size smaller than her off-the-rack size, this pattern runs small. Really small. I am going to try again with this turquoise embroidered fabric.

I am listening to the The Vow, The True Events That Inspired the Movie. It's interesting, though if you saw the movie (I did not) I've been told the real story is not the same, exactly.


  1. That's really pretty fabric for the skirt! Hope this time's the charm.

  2. The fabric combo is not so bad but I loved your tongue-in-cheek post! Bet your daughter is pleased :). The dress pattern is definitely great, two of my girls have this dress and last summer it was all they ever wore. So versatile and comfy, I love it. Good job, and I can't wait to see your skirt.

  3. I actually like the fabrics your daughter chose. Of course, I'm not up close. However, the pink in the middle brings out the pink in the pattern above and below. It is completely in line with something my daughter would choose.

    Your fabric is beautiful! I so often skip the pattern sizing step, but it gets me every time. Sure wish the pattern companies (and ready made, as well) would get together and create a uniform sizing chart for their creations. It would certainly make the home seamstresses life a little easier.

  4. That's such a pretty fabric for your skirt! I think it's just like the pink skirt I turned into a sundress for Meg a couple of years ago. Faith's dress is really cute.

  5. I am checking your pattern. My girls have a lot of hand me downs but they only will wear dresses so there are still needs.

    I watched The Vow. Very good movie. I read some interviews with the real couple and still am not sure how I feel. Obviously they did the very best thing. Still I was sad about her brain injury which seems to have robbed her of intense romantic emotion.

    And did you get your hair cut? I like the profile pic Barbara!

  6. Well, so far, Barb, all I have discovered is I need more fabric. ;-)

  7. Michelle,
    I would really like this dress in three different, same-color-prints, or all the same fabric. It would be darling in a tiny rosebud print. And with all the fabric combinations, who could get bored with it?

  8. Suzie,
    Actually the "pink" is a red with tiny white polka dots and it does match the other fabric, but it wouldn't have been my choice now or when I was little. This little girl is not me!

  9. Thanks, Sara, I have to go buy more, however, because I bought the fabric before I decided to use a pattern, and there is only enough for a front or a back, but not both! Of course then there will be a huge piece left for a dress or something for Faith. :-)

  10. Kim,

    This pattern is so easy. I really enjoyed it (except there is a lot of gathering!).

    I finished the book and was a little bit disgusted at the media attention the couple accepted. I'm not sure if they sought it, well actually they did because they sent their story out over the wire. They said they did it to evangelize (my word, not theirs) but it was little nauseating (ok, a lot) to hear they named their daughter after Leeza Gibbins and Ann Curry. Gah. I might blog about the book because it was interesting but definitely had some parts I disagree with (what's new?). Haha.

    And, yes, I did get my hair cut. You are sweet to notice my new photo. I am hoping to look less like Paula Deen! ;-)

  11. Pretty dress. I'm glad you let her choose her own fabric. =) I like it when kids have their own style. I did find the pattern we were talking about at JoAnn's but couldn't bring myself to buy it yet. I'm so stubborn. I really want to see if I can make my own pattern from an existing skirt I like. I do want to read the true story of the Vow b/c I was unimpressed by the movie.


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