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Phil 4:6-7

Thursday, May 24, 2012

with needle & thREAD

needle and thREAD 

 Boy, has there been a lot of needle and thread these days. After finishing three of my cute little girlie outfits (one for my daughter and two for my husband's niece Olivia's birthday gift), I made a list of all the things I have yet to sew. It's a big list. So is the list of rosaries I have to make in the next week and scapulars to hand sew. I really need to stop sleeping. I must admit that less blogging has helped but I am still burning the midnight oil every day to sew at the machine, or twist wire around beads.

Last night I finished the last little girlie two-piece outfit -- for my daughter, and now I have just one dress to sew for my daughter and her sewing is finished. Then three skirts and two blouses for me. At least that is what I have the fabric purchased for.

I already showed you one of the two-piece outfits of my daughter, but I'll post her picture here again, just for fun and because it's so cute.

This outfit for my husband's niece is the same but smaller:

And this next one is one of my favorites -- the scooter skirt with the one-piece top. This little top is great for little girls (no development on top, if you know what I mean) and I will be sad for the day -- probably in the not-too-distant future -- when my girl can no longer wear it. It's all one piece and even though a little tummy sometimes shows, it's sweet and so innocent. I have to make the scooter skirt a little longer for my string-bean-legged girl.

(The steps are my husband's latest projects and really deserve a post all of their own, so I'll save those details.)

This is the same two-piece outfit I gave to Olivia, except I added ricrac. I think I ripped that outfit apart no fewer than five times and I swear even though I love ricrac I will never use it on this particular pattern again. Ugh.

I took the gift to the birthday girl last night and she tried both on and looked as cute as a button in them. Actually she was way cuter than a button, and they fit perfectly.

Do you think maybe I have a thing for gingham and seersucker?

If you are looking to make some very simple summer clothes for a little girl, I highly recommend this pattern. It is just so cute no matter which piece you make and match.

I didn't get a picture of the book I am reading, but appropriately, it is The Seamstress. I must tell you, however, of the book I finished in just a few days. I read about it at Sarah's Amongst Lovely Things and it was a great book. Fiction, but based on a real brain injury, it's Left Neglected, and it would make great summer reading.

Go to Elizabeth's to check out what everyone else is reading and sewing.


  1. I LOVED "Left Neglected." What an amazing--and eye-opening--book!

    Those outfits are adorable :)

  2. Wow ~ you've been busy! they all look fabulous ~ great job!

  3. What cute outfits!! Sorry the ricrac was such a pan, bit it sure looks great!

    My needle and thREAD post is here: http://likemamalikedaughter.blogspot.com/2012/05/crafting-along-with-needle-and-thread_24.html

  4. Ah, the rickrack was worth the seam ripping - it's such an adorable touch.

  5. Oh, boy! Another book to add to my list/pile that's growing day by day! Mahalo nui loa!!!

    Love all your nifty projects. I think one of the things I am kicking myself for is not keeping at sewing when I learned in high school . . . but my mum never got a modern machine (she has one of those old 100+ year old things WHITE that is now Singer . . . and she wouldn't let me touch it). Oh, well. I have a nice machine these days (ironically, she bought it for me) that I just need to sit with and sew out some small and simple projects to get used to it . . . then perhaps get on with clothing?

    Much love and aloha to you!


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