Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Friday, April 13, 2012


I hope you had dinner. This blog post contains images of food.

I had one of those days in which I am so very grateful just to sit down when it's over.

I spent the day in the kitchen, and my poor family got pizza for dinner (they weren't too sad -- it was Jet's eight corner pizza).

One would think at my age I would have learned the lesson about overextending oneself.  One would think. I don't. I always think I can cram one more thing in.

A few weeks ago a very good friend asked if I could help her with a bridal shower her daughter was giving. My friend is taking classes for her Master's and teaching full time, so I know she has almost zero time for extra stuff, and usually I do, so I said yes. She asked me to bake cupcakes and cookies, and I can usually do that with one hand tied behind my back. (Well, not really.) I sort of volunteered to make goody bags for the guests. I could have started working on them weeks ago, but I didn't.

That means this week was spent making body butter, lip balms, and chocolates for the goody bags (18 of them), and today was spent baking.

 The bride's flower is the sunflower, which I think is rather, um, different. Sunflowers are nice, but not very...bridal.

That would have all been fine and good except I didn't learn that one lesson.

Early this week I received an email from the woman at church who is responsible for our Stone Soup committee. We coordinate meals for parishioners who need a little extra help with delivered meals, for illness and family crises. I am a volunteer on the committee and the request was for meals for a woman going through cancer treatment and her husband.

Shepherd's Pie -- it smelled so good

Soft clouds of mashed potatoes over meat, gravy and veggies -- good comfort food.

Irish Soda Scones -- some to eat, some to freeze

I decided I might as well volunteer for a regular day, so it would be easier to remember. I volunteered for the next four Fridays, and yes, I did remember that I was rather committed for today. But you see, I do sometimes think I can bake cookies and cupcakes with one hand tied behind my back, so I thought I could easily cram in one more thing.

Sugar cookies with royal icing. Royal icing is a big pain. No more royal icing. Ever.

That means today I baked and decorated sugar cookies (first time doing royal icing no less), baked and decorated cupcakes, made three containers of shepherd's pie (two for the freezer, one for tonight), made a fruit salad and a vegetable, baked Irish Soda scones, and then delivered the meal.

Tonight I'm rather cranky because I keep looking at the cookies and they are not perfect. So I really want to trash them and start over, but I would have to sleep on the porch after my husband kicks me out and I don't want to sleep on the porch, so I won't. But, I'm warning you, Gina, the cookies are not perfect.


I am pleased with the cupcakes however, and that little old man in his easy chair was mighty happy to see supper walk in the door...


  1. Wow! You were busy! All that baking and cooking and then blogging about it to boot! I've had days like that and for similar reasons. We have a meal ministry at our parish, too. As well as a funeral dinner ministry. I belong to both. May God reward you with a good nights rest for all that you did today.

    Btw, I thought your cookies looked lovely in your pictures and the cupcakes look super cute AND delicious.

  2. It is such a sacrifice to make a meal for another family, anyone who has done this knows it. You were a wonderful example to Faith today with your charity...Divine Mercy this week, doing those acts of mercy towards others, that's what your day was filled with Divine Mercy.

    All my girls thought (and I too) those cookies looked perfect, they all said, those are beautiful cookies. Those cupcakes too. Whoever gets those treat bags are in for a real treat, that lip balm is heavenly.

    Now go rest!!!


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