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Phil 4:6-7

Friday, February 17, 2012

Faith's Day...part III

Parts I and II are below this post.

The birthday girl is in bed. She had a magical day and went to bed a happy, happy girl. Thank you again for all your birthday wishes. She loved and appreciated every single one. Our extended family is not so great at making birthdays special, so I am very grateful for friends who make the effort. I grew up celebrating my birthday with my younger brother, my father, and both grandmas. There were five birthdays in three days, and I have wonderful birthday memories because my extended family made us each feel special. Birthdays are the only day all year that belong to only you. They should be special.

After I frosted the cake, I made an "edible arrangement." My mom ordered one last year for Easter and it made a big impression on Faith. She requested one for her birthday dinner, along with fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. At least she picked some fruit and veggies!

After dinner, Faith followed a series of hidden clues to find out what her gift was. I had told her a few weeks ago, when she asked about a birthday party, that she could choose between a party and a surprise gift. She is such a nosey girl, it just about killed her to not know, but I think she suspected the surprise was going to be pretty good.

It was Noah's idea to follow the clues and he helped me hide them. Each clue had a picture on it, some of the Chicago Hilton, Gino's pizza, Holy Name Cathedral, and pictures of inside the American Girl Place in Chicago. Of course she had no idea what any of them were until the last. Even then it took her a few minutes to understand her gift was a trip.

The last clue was under the cake plate.

In a couple weeks, weather permitting, my mom and Faith and I will drive six hours to Chicago, stay in a tall skyscraper hotel, walk the city streets, and visit the Anerican Girl Place. Faith has been very few places in her life, but she is very excited. It's the closest we can get to a Disney-esque experience, and I hope it comes close to a dream-come-true trip. We're only young once.


  1. those three posts were wonderful. You gave your daughter a very special day, and I can see her joy in all the pictures. your love for your Faith just jumps right off the page. the pink princess cake, the day's activities, and the surprise gift helped make your daughter feel so special -- I'm sure she feels that way on all the other 364 days of the year too, with you for her momma!

  2. Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl! What a fabulous day y'all had. Your cake was so beautiful! And I love the look on her face after clue #8 - priceless!

  3. Oh, she looks so excited and happy in that second-to-last photo! I just know you will have a wonderful girls weekend in Chicago! It's such a great city, and the AG store is such a treat for girls.

    Happy, happy birthday!
    Yeah for 10!!

  4. What a great birthday gift! I hope all three of you have a blast!

  5. Happy birthday, Faith! I know a few girls here who would love that trip, too, so have a little extra fun for them! Love you, sweetie. :-)

  6. That last picture of her says it all! I can feel her excitement from here. Have lots of fun together on your special trip!

  7. She will have so much fun! Chicago is a great city to explore, and that particular AGS (I've also been to the one in NYC) is really great. It's such a fun experience.

  8. Great Scots! What a wonderful birthday! Well, in the Hawaiian language here it is: Hau'oli La Hanau!!! (How-olee-la-han-ow). Aloha, and many blessings!

  9. So much fun!! I love it!

    And that edible arrangement looks so good - I thought it was one from the company! I love those things and my mother-in-law sends me one every time I have a baby.

    Have fun at American Girl Place . . . my sister-in-law has taken her girls to the one in NYC several times and she is trying to convince me to bring Sally one year. I know Sally would faint dead away with pure girly happiness. Take lots of pictures! :)

  10. I just read several of your wonderful posts. It's so nice to find other Catholic moms who write and share. I've been writing a little blog about my 16 year old son...I worry about him constantly. But I cling to my faith, I love my family, and I write. All three help. Feel free to read my little blog and share with anyone you think could benefit. Sincerely, Jennifer (majormomma)

  11. Aww..that is soooo coool!!!! You are such a great mom. I love the Windy City! My second cousin lives there.


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