Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Friday, January 27, 2012


I went to bed last night to pouring down rain. Woke up to snow. That made an interesting rush hour drive to get Noah to school. I am fond of neither driving in the dark nor driving in the snow.


I made the trek into town this morning for school drop-off because my husband is sick with a stomach bug. Nothing like a stomach bug to get the bathrooms cleaned. All three were in use last night. Sheesh. Did you ever notice that stomach bugs always hit in the middle of the night? What's up with that?


I picked up my new occlusal device (night time bite plate) yesterday. Between the occlusal guard and people getting sick in the night I can't say it was exactly a decent night's sleep. Nope. Wouldn't say that at all. I am wondering how long it will take to get used to it. Any readers use one?


On the way to school this morning, Noah read to me a letter written by our bishop which is to be read during the homily of all Masses in our diocese this Sunday. It is in regard to last week's HHS mandate. I imagine many of my readers will hear similar letters read at Mass on Sunday. I hope so anyway.

My husband works for a Catholic hospital system and so this mandate affects me very directly. The Catholic Church will never provide coverage (not to mention complete coverage) of birth control, sterilization procedures, and abortion pills, and surgical abortion. If nothing changes in the next year, as a result of this mandate, we will either lose our medical insurance coverage completely, or Catholics hospitals will close. Frankly, if you take away medical insurance from hospital employees, I can't see that they will stay open. Who would work for an employer that offers no medical benefits? Catholic schools and universities are in the same boat. If Catholic schools and hospitals close, imagine the impact on the schools and hospitals which are left. Catholic hospitals provide 25% of the medical care in this country. Private schools account for 25% of the nations school and over half of those are Catholic schools. Hmmm...interesting. Intentional? Makes you wonder.

But, even if you don't work for a Catholic employer, and even if you don't care if all Americans are forced to pay for contraception and sterilization for everyone, you should care that the president has violated the First Amendment of the Constitution, and the separation of Church and State. What will be next, I wonder?

I could get really fired up about this issue, because at the forefront of this debate are a lot of so-called "Catholics," like the secretary of HHS, so-called "Catholic" politicians, and heads of so-called "Catholic" organizations that favor this ruling. This fact infuriates me.

But I am trying to replace worry with action. I am committed to calling my politicians, especially those who I know favor the mandate, at least a couple times a week. I'll also write letters. I hope that you will, too. As well as take the opportunity to educate anyone who does not know about or understand the ramifications of this mandate.


  1. Love Chris Smith. Proud to have voted for him when we lived in NJ. This mandate is intentional, and is more than just getting rid of Catholic healthcare. First and foremost, it is getting rid of that pesky institution that reminds people all the time that there are some things that aren't acceptable. I want BC pills, they whine. And then they go to the doctor at the women's clinic at the Catholic hospital who says no, and it makes them uncomfortable. I want my tubes tied, they declare, but then their OB/GYN tells them to find another provider because St. Francis won't allow that. And then they feel like the Church is condemning them for wanting something deemed immoral...and the solution is to shut up the Church (not to have a change of heart). Secondly, it is about further cornering all Christianity into a mental state, not a physical practice. You are free to worship, as long as worship means what you do in your mind with what you consider a Higher Being. But if serving your god involves living your life a certain way, then you must keep that to yourself. Do not seek public office (you can't be trusted), do not speak your opinion (hate-speech), do not teach your children such bigotry and ignorance. If the state can trump the Church in this matter, then the state can trump all the people in all sorts of extremely scary ways.

    Personally, I think many non-Catholics will heed a call to arms in this matter. I have been worried about civil war for a long time and wondering what sort of issue could be THE ONE that sets people over the edge. This might be it. Praying for the other 2 branches of government to balance things out and maintain the peace. Praying for new members of the legislative and executive branches this year. Praying for peaceful changes.

  2. That whole Catholic hospital thing is so scary. It makes me sick to my stomach how far into sin our country is. (our world, I guess) How much more can God allow?

    Your mouthpiece looks uncomfortable. So sorry, I'm sure though, if you are up with sickies, you will eventually be tired enough to sleep with it, as uncomfortable as it is!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. The mandate is a prime example of liberalism. If a conservative doesn't like an issue, they make a personal decision to avoid it. If a liberal doesn't like it, they make a law so that everyone must be like they are.

  4. Haha. Thanks, Jamie. I think it's going to take some getting used to. And mostly the person who kept me up was my HUSBAND!

  5. I've had a night guard for about 1 year. It took just a week or so to get used to it. The only time it has bothered me since is when I had a severe cold and was very congested. It's made a huge difference, I no longer suffer any jaw pain or stiffness in the morning. I'm so relieved to have avoided surgery.

  6. Thanks, Anonymous. I am looking forward to my jaw relaxing and possibly not having as many migraines!

  7. I had a mouthpiece like that, Barb, when I went through a very bad spell of grinding my teeth. You do get used to it in time, though I used to have a funny dream about chewing on a plastic cookie. Sometimes I would wake up and find it under my pillow or on the nightstand.

    My dentist told me to make sure it was put up well away from our dog, as dogs think they are delicious chew toys.

    Rachel in Dallas

  8. I think the mandate is intentional, and will be fasting and praying (a la the book of Esther) for the overturning of this unjust law. I think the March for Life is an encouragement to all of us, because it shows how many people in this country are still willing to put feet under their consciences.--- Rosemary


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