Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yarning Along...

...with Ginny at Small Things.

I am a little late to the Yarn Along today but I am excited to share about this little sweater. It's my 26th wedding anniversary today and my beloved has been home all to celebrate (cramping my blogging style).

I cast on a Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan for Faith on Saturday morning before I left for a road trip to see my grandma in Cincinnati. She's 95 years old and Faith and I love to see her every chance we get. My mom was going, so Faith and I road along -- four generations of German women together. Good stuff. And since my mom was driving I was free to knit for two hours each way. Yea!

I got a lot accomplished on my little sweater but then on the way back I realized I had skipped two rows completely and had to rip it back. Ugh. Since then I made quite a bit of headway and only had to rip a small section back because I forgot what I was doing halfway through a row. I was doing k1fb and halfway through the row I started knits. Tell me you do that, too.

When I ordered the yarn I really thought it would be a lighter yellow (KnitPicks Swish worsted in cornmeal). It's not quite as dark as it looks in the picture (it was really gray here today, especially this morning when I took the photo), but it is more gold than yellow. And the yoke is very bumpy, even though my stitches are pretty even. I hope it evens out after blocking and isn't a result of the yarn. I wanted something a little less delicate than the Madelintosh, but I can see there will be another one of these in my future knit with the Madelintosh yarn. Maybe blue? It's a fun pattern to knit and relatively easy (though does require actual reading of each line in the pattern. ah hem).

My read is still Those Who Saw Her, a book about Marian apparitions, though I am a bit (just a bit) farther along.

Join Ginny for more reads and knits.


  1. Oh, it is so lovely! I really like that pattern, and the color too!

  2. So pretty. I can't knit when I'm not paying 100% attention either. Which is why I haven't been knitting lately. Well, I'm crocheting anyways, but it's harder for me, so I really have to concentrate. How fun for 4 generations to get together. I'd love that. Family is so important. My American grandmother died in 96 and I barely knew her. But I keep in touch with her best friend from grade school who is 96 years old and lives in Texas. It's like having a grandmother - and she can tell me stories about what my grandma was like. =)

  3. That's such a pretty pattern; I really want to knit one for myself! I'm sure your stitches will look better after blocking. Is the next one for you???

  4. Happy Anniversary! Love that tea leaves cardigan..I'd like one in black and another in cream....;) I want to learn to knit just to make myself a tea leaves cardigan or four. :)

  5. The Tea Leaves looks great! The book sounds really interesting.


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