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Phil 4:6-7

Monday, September 12, 2011


52 weeks of daily life in pictures: trials and celebrations,  
the extraordinary and mundane -- 
whatever is unique to the week. 
Join me if you like.

Technical difficulties prevented me from posting the latest editions of 52 Weeks. iPhoto has decided to get all weird on me and each time I was downloading photos, it was deleting the most recent batch of downloaded photos. I lost several batches before I noticed. That just makes me sick because I always delete the photos from my camera when I download them to the computer. Sigh. 
If anyone out there knows why iPhoto started doing this, I'd appreciate your advice.

Fortunately I took some pics on my phone, which are just awful quality, but at least they are something.

A really awful iPhone pic of the basement carpet tiles. I wanted to show you that the floor is done, however. In fact, almost all of it is done. Last weekend the boys hauled a sofa down and this weekend Doug sanded down the table top (on the left of the photo) and we refinished it and painted the legs black. I think the only thing left to do it put doors on the bedroom and hang some art.

 First day of school for Faith, August 29 -- fourth grade. I already mentioned how pleasant it is to have one little fourth grader at home, but I'll tell you again -- it's really nice. I can't believe how fast we can get school done (when we are both focused, that is).

I am using Teaching Textbooks this year for Faith's math. She is very much enjoying the computer-based program and the feedback she receives during the lesson. I am enjoying having "someone else" teach math. I have noticed I have to sit right next to her, however, and focus on her lesson, or I don't know which problems she gets and doesn't get. I can see how this program would fail if I just sent her to the computer by herself and didn't stay on top of it.

 Labor Day -- a gorgeous sunset. Noah said it looked like the gates of hell because the sky was the color of fire, but I deny the gates of hell could be so beautiful.

 Our Blessed Mother's birthday last week. I was very much under the weather, but we had to drive past the bakery and the car just stopped automatically so I could go in a buy a cake.

 More skies -- this time very dark and scary. 
Noah took this shot on our way home from school.

 September 11 apple pie. Comfort food.

 Old Glory on 9/11.

 Faith's bean experiment. After studying Jack and the Beanstalk during the first week, we used a bag of dry mixed bean soup to see which beans were magic. Well, none were magic, obviously, but the kidney bean grew tallest so far.

If you want to join me in 52 Weeks of Photos, just leave a comment in the com box and I'll come and visit. Thanks.



  1. Wow, the loss of those pictures would make me sick too. Hope you figure it out. If they were downloaded, maybe there is a way to retrieve them? I have no idea though, sorry.

    That dark, stormy sky, wow! We had a great summer, rain almost every week, kept everything green, now for the past few weeks, no rain, and everything is drying up!

    I don't think there are "gates" to hell, I think people just fall in.
    and I bet it's pitch black!!

    Love how your car just stopped automatically at the bakery....Mary's b-day is on the same day as my hubby's and the day before mine, we always add her name to the b-day song and include her in all we do, but this mama didn't do anything extra---too much cake and pie with so many b-days!

  2. Yep, I'd be sick from losing those pictures, too!

    I hope you're feeling better this week!

  3. That pie looks heavenly! So does Mary's cake. Best excuse to stop and buy one.

  4. I certainly sympathize with you re: the pictures. My external hard drive has been randomly deleting pictures and I have NO idea why. Hope you find out the answer. Wow, what day was the stormy picture taken? Yesterday was a weird weather day, but the clouds didn't look like that!

  5. Jamie,
    It's all dry and crispy here, too. Every drop of rain is needed. It all comes in a huge deluge though, and the land doesn't have time to soak it up before it's over.

    A little better -- still congested. It feels like a cold but maybe allergy related. It's allergy time for me.

    Thanks Christine. My husband said it was my best, but I think it tasted like all my apple pies.

    My iPhone doesn't stamp the date so I'm not sure. It was between Tuesday and Thursday. ;-)

  6. I've joined for 35/36 and up to date on 37 weeks (LOL - Imagine!. I sure agree with the iphone, photos are just not turning out like they were. Love your post! Happy schooling! We were riveted to 911 tributes, so tough, and absolutely never to forget. Hugs...


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