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Phil 4:6-7

Friday, July 29, 2011


52 weeks of daily life in pictures: trials and celebrations, 
the extraordinary and mundane -- 
whatever is unique to the week. 
Join me if you like.

30 out of 52 weeks -- it's hard to believe how fast this year has flown by. I think counting weeks has made it more obvious to me.

After purchasing a few Vera Bradley items for my son's girlfriend recently (for graduation and her birthday) I admit I have caught the bug. I won't pay that kind of money for myself, however, so I shopped for some fabric to make myself a purse. But I was so chicken that for a while I just looked at it. Saturday I finally decided to dive in.

Finished product.

And with a button from the stash my mother-in-law gave me -- I my button stash.
 Saturday night a storm rolled in. I tried to get a picture of the dark clouds (which you cannot really make out) and instead caught my (crazy) husband as he battened down the hatches.

 The Saturday night storm caused a flash flood -- fortunately while we slept so we reacted but never actually worried. Our shed was swept from it's spot next to the fence, next to where the logs used to rest, to 30 feet downstream next to the swing set. The swing set actually stopped it from being swept farther, and the shed probably diverted water and kept the swing set from being swept. Thank God!

As you can see the doors to the shed flew open, but the contents didn't float away -- a brand new lawn mower, a power washer and some small power tools. Doug got at least the lawn mower and the power washer back to working condition but they had both been submerged in creek water.

On Sunday, we attended the hospital's 125th birthday party at our local minor league ballpark (no game just fun). It was a carnival of sorts. We stopped at a booth displaying exotic birds and the owner placed this beautiful female Cockatoo on Faith's arm. Apparently the bird is a snuggler and climbed right up to Faith's shoulder and tucked her head under her wing. Very sweet.

 Baby quilt -- the first top of the two. The babies are still in the hospital (our neighbor's twin girls) but should be home this weekend or next week. Three more rows to go on the second top and then I still have to quilt them! Yikes!

A fun new style of bracelet for the daughter of an online friend who had surgery.
 Faith really liked the look of this colored chain so I have a feeling that more of these will be in my future.

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  1. I admit to having a bit of a Vera obsession but we also have a store nearby that frequently puts old patterns on sale, not to mention an outlet store close to my mom! Your purse is gorgeous though and you could totally rival her style!

  2. Man, I love crafty people! That purse is fantastic. :) I would be completely mentally paralyzed just trying to pick out the fabric let alone actually make the item. I wish I knew how to make stuff.

    . . . well, I guess I do make babies, but I get a lot of help with that! ;)

  3. You make adorable quilts. Tommy won't sleep without his! (And it makes me happy every night to know that my other friend Maggie is tucking her baby under one just like it.) :-)

  4. The purse is fantastic! I love your fabric choices. The patterns of fabric these days are so fun ... it's difficult to stay within budget if I do make it to a fabric store!

    Glad the flash flood didn't carry more away. HOpe it's not a huge challenge to place the shed back in it's true location.

  5. Wow. Crazy storm!! Love the quilt and the purse! Good job! (Week 30 already??)

  6. Your purse turned out beautifully. Very Vera!!

    And that bracelet is TOO cute! I am sure that dear girl will love it :)

  7. Great bag--and great bracelet! I know a bunch of girls who would love those.


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