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Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yarning Along...

 ...with Ginny at Small Things.


I switched gears since last week and picked up a hot pad I had been making my mom, as it had been abandoned in the knitting bag (you know that feeling, right?). I enjoyed working on those little dish cloths and had even picked up some Sugar and Cream yarn at a reader's suggestion, but I had finished one side of one hot pad and the other side was almost finished on the needles, so I decided to finish them up to give my mom. I completed one and am on the second now.

I love these little hot pads -- they are quick to knit up, and they are really great at their job. Made with cotton yarn they are very flexible, so they grab the hot pans very well. With two layers they are very thick and protect one's hands very well. I don't use any batting in mine, I think the two layers of knitting are sufficient protection from the heat, just take care not to get them damp or you'll get a steam burn -- but that's the case with any hot pad.

For this particular set of pads, I cast on 43 stitches on a U.S. no. 7 needle, and stitched 42 rows in seed stitch. After binding off and creating another identical rectangle, I sewed them together using a running stitch just on the inside of the outer edge. This particular yarn is one of the Knit Picks Cotton yarns that I picked up on sale.

My book is one that Faith is reading to me. It is called Bernadette: The Little Girl from Lourdes by Magnificat. It is the sweet story of St. Bernadette enhanced with the most darling illustrations (at the link, click on "See a Page" to view three of the illustrated pages -- so sweet. The reading level is for a younger child, but like so many picture books, the story is great for a child Faith's age (nine), especially since she has such a fondness for St. Bernadette.

Join Ginny for more knitting and reading.



  1. Oh, I have seen those books through Magnificat, and they look darling! I may have to get a few for gifts ...

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. I like the idea of those hotpads! I have some s&c in my stash, and no one here likes the big rubbery hot pads.

  3. I have a hotpad I crocheted in Sugar and Cream, and it's also a double layer and works most excellently. Better than the purchased pot holders, actually. It's pretty, too. :-)

  4. Very nice, Barbara. I love the cream colored yarn. I think I'm going to make one of your hot pads to give me more practice at my purl stitch. Thanks so much for the pattern.

    I've been interested in getting one of the Magnificat childrens books for awhile now. Thanks so much for the review. I'm going to add this one to my wish list.

  5. How lovely!
    I wish I could knit, but it's never gets beyond a wish at this point. I think when I'm "too blind" to cross stitch any longer, I'll pick up knitting. LOL!!! Your projects are always so beautiful.

    BTW, love your new Kitchen Madonna. I have a simple plaque/relief type on the wall by my sink . . . one day I'll get a nice fancy one like yours. When we're done with all the Navy moving . . . I desire a wonderful Our Lady of Fatima statue, too. The one my eye is on is waaaay to pricey to stick in a box to move around and risk breaking . . . waiting is good. I do a ton of waiting so you'd think I'd be a much more patient soul. LOL! Right.

    Hugs and Aloha.

  6. The hot pads look so soft and squishy! Lovely.


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