Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Tuesday, April 05, 2011



The dog woke up sick this morning. She won't eat, but she is drinking. I'm trying not to get wigged out. I wouldn't be wigged out if one of the kids didn't eat, but the kids can say, "I don't feel so good, mom." The dog is lying around...not at all like Maggie. We had another Aussie when the boys were all little and she died of liver cancer when she was six years old, after several weeks of not eating, special foods, expensive diagnostics, and, finally, three very tearful little boys. Maggie got into a bunny nest over the weekend and I called her a rabbit killer (I don't really think she got anything except a bunch of the mother's fur). I hope she didn't get into something nasty. Ugh...dogs.

Sick doggy.


We've had a testy day here. I am tired of repeating myself. I know every mama is tired of repeating herself, but today was the day for me to get mad about it. Faith made herself an ice cream sundae after lunch, even though I have repeatedly told her to ask permission. After she ate two bites and put her spoon down (she would have wasted the rest) I actually told her she was going to have to eat every bite even if it made her vomit. Such a nice mother. I normally have a policy that you don't have to finish dessert, but my goodness, if you're going to make it, you better eat it. I should go read again what Leila had to say yesterday. I have some incredible years ahead at this rate.


Yesterday evening I went to a parish mission with a friend at her church. A young priest in our diocese, Father Josh Wagner, was the speaker and he is an incredibly dynamic, on-fire priest. I heard him on EWTN radio over the weekend and yesterday found the same talk as an mp3 download on his website. I only caught part of the talk on the radio so I'm going to buy the download and borrow one of the kids' iPods (no I don't have my own). If you enjoy inspirational talks on the faith I guarantee you'll love listening to him.


I really miss my college boy. He worked all through his spring break so he didn't even come home one night for dinner. It's been since Christmas that he was home overnight. He's a junior, so one would think I would be kind of used to his absence by now, but I'm not. If you've been through this before I wonder how long it will be? I don't think I'll ever get used to it. If I have a glass wine with dinner I can really get weepy about it, and tonight I had two.


I took pictures of Faith's sweater and will share that tomorrow for Yarn Along, which I haven't done in a month or more. I cast on Doug's niece's sweater too, and I'll show the beginning. 

Until then, G'night.


  1. The dog...it could be something quite innocent. One time, ours didn't eat for about five days, though she still drank and seemed otherwise okayish. And then, one day, she threw up a whole towel. No wonder she wasn't hungry!

  2. I hope Maggie is better soon!

    I'm a heartless mom who is used to her college kids being gone. I miss them, but I try to be very grateful for every little bit I get from from them...a phone call, a day or 2 at home during spring break, whatever they give....because this is what they're supposed to be doing. Growing up and away. That's what I tell myself anyway. ;-)

  3. Hi Barbara, I hope your dog is better! We have a big chocolate lab and he's never known to skip a meal. I would be immediately worried if he didn't eat.

    I have not heard of Father Josh Wagner, thanks for the tip.

  4. I hope your dog is better! I am so not a dog person, but we have two now and they really get into your heart. Also wanted to say I understand exactly how you felt about the sundae. It seems like with my kids, even though they are older now and basically just good kids, they still will try to just push just a little more and more to they get to the wall (the wall being the end of my patience). I don't understand it - our rules have basically never changed. I keep having to tell my 14 year old to put her dirty dishes away. At first I thought she just forgot and did it a couple times myself, but then it seems that she is 'forgetting' every single time. I'm nearing a rant, so better stop. :) Have a good day!

  5. 1) I hope Maggie is feeling better soon!

    2) I am printing out Leila's post, laminating it, and carrying it around in my pocket for daily perusal. She must have been looking in my windows while I deal with my almost 12 y.o. girl, right?!

    3) My youngest brother is in his final year of college. My mother hasn't seen him since Christmas either, and she is still weepy even though she has 3 other grown children. It's just the way it is with mothers and their children, I think.

  6. I'm missing my college boy too. Although he did, very nicely, buy me a coffee on Monday when I had to run over to his school to drop off, of all things, a softball glove. At least he texts me occasionally and talks to me on facebook.

    Hope your dog is feeling better soon!

    Now I'm on my way over to see what Leila had to say!


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