Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Thursday, April 28, 2011


How is your Easter week hopping along? We are having a bit of a spring break this week, and the boys are sleeping late and playing too many video games. I spent the first two days of the week catching up on rosary orders, and yesterday I spent about four hours balancing six months of bank statements (yikes!). I was feeling badly that we didn't plan much to do during break, but Tuesday night Faith came down with a slight fever and a sore throat (which she still has), so I guess we would have just been disappointed. I had hoped to make a trip to the Air Force museum, but maybe that will happen as a school day field trip instead. I'm not even certain the German dinner out we planned will happen now (I suppose if the waitresses look like the one on their website I should be glad my sons didn't see that!).

So, we're just hanging around the house. I have tons of laundry to catch up on (is it ever really caught up?) and I have buttloads of ironing to do today. I have Karol: The Pope, The Man on DVD to watch while I iron, so it won't be so bad.

We had bad storms again last night but at least no tornadoes. The wind was crazy, however, and with our big trees in the yard I pretty much lay awake waiting for a tree to crash through the roof. Doug brought his cell phone upstairs and we heard the tone when he received a text weather alert. It's no fun being awakened in the middle of the night for any reason, but I'd rather wake up to a text alert than wake up to tornado sirens. Last night the text alert was for thunderstorm warnings, which came shortly after the wind started.

I'm working on the third part of the Spring Cleaning series and hopefully it will be up later. It takes almost as long to write as it does to actually do the cleaning, so guess whose house isn't clean yet? Yup. I think I'll call my friend Joanie over to help. ;-)

I've been thinking toward Divine Mercy Sunday, how 'bout you? It's almost as exciting as Easter, especially with the beatification of Pope John Paul II. Anyone planning to get up at 3 a.m. to watch the coverage? I saw a yummy recipe over at Catholic Cuisine and I think I know what we'll have for dessert Sunday -- Kremowka Papieska. By the way, did you know that Karol is actually Polish for Charles, so our beloved pope's name was Charles? Just in case you didn't know. ;-)

Speaking of getting up early for television coverage, are you planning to watch the royal wedding? I will not arise early, but I am anxious to see some of the footage. Truly I don't know why so many Americans are hating the royals these days. Many media folks are being very unkind about the British Royal family and I wonder when it became so acceptable to just be plain mean? When did the Royals ever hurt anyone?

Alright -- off my high horse and off to iron. Happy Easter Thursday (I can't believe it's already Thursday).



  1. I am totally getting up to watch the wedding although I don't know that I will get up super early to watch the full coverage. I know there are things to grumble about (ie... the couple's living arrangements, history of royal scandals, etc...) but it's still an historic occasion considering that he is most likely to be the King of England someday.

  2. I tried to avoid the Royal Wedding hullabaloo, but I have children - girl children - who somehow figured out it was happening, in spite of my strict monitoring of their media activities.

  3. Going to tape it on the PVR and use it for a bit of a history lesson on the monarchy (yes, plenty of serious scandal over there), as all this is quite a big deal here in Canada. We've awaited the succession line to a new King for years, and since it won't be Charles, let's see about William. Princess Diana touched me, literally many years ago while I was holding my fourth baby at Expo 86 in Vancouver. William was at home and my baby girl (4months) was a great magnet. LOL Another "commoner" is quite refreshing. Hope she can handle her new life after the wedding.

  4. I think the Royals are wonderful...but not sure if I'll be up early to watch. We've been sleeping in, going to dentist and orthodontist appointments...doing a little shopping for an upcoming beach vacation...cleaning kitchen cabinets to make room for some new bakeware that arrived. When a girl is about to turn 50 and Williams Sonoma has a good deal on LeCreuset..oh well. :) Today we're doing a bit of house cleaning and some smocking. All is very good! I am very thankful!

  5. I'm all for watching the royal wedding. The Royals don't do as much to hurt anybody as they used to when they had power. Henry VIII or Elizabeth I, anyone? ;-) But I know you weren't thinking of them.

  6. We will have our very own JPII Lock-In since we can't go to the one at the Josephinum. We'll be camping in the tv room and setting the alarm clock to watch the beatification coverage on EWTN. Oh but before all of that I have a dinner date with two lovely ladies tomorrow night ;-)

  7. Charlotte,
    I don't know a lot about the royals...the scandals...but I know the media doesn't have issues with scandalous behavior. It must be jealousy or...I don't know. Imagine if a "royal" Hollywood couple were marrying -- they'd be all over it, loving it!

    I think the fairytale stuff for girls is fine, don't you? Within reason?

    I have both events, the wedding and the Beatification, set for DVR. That's a beautiful story about Lady Diana. I always loved her quiet elegance.

    Sounds like a great week with your girl. Le Creuset -- I'm green with envy! Or maybe red...I love that red. What color?

    You are right, I wasn't thinking any farther back than Queen Elizabeth II. Maybe it's nostalgia, but what would England be without royalty? America? pfft.

    Ana Maria,
    Looking forward...

  8. Oooooh. I don't think I've seen the Dijon. Nice! Have I mentioned that my kitchen is yellow?

  9. We watched the wedding this morning while eating crumpets that I made last night. It was a fairytale.


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