Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Monday, April 25, 2011


52 weeks of daily life in pictures: trials and celebrations, 
the extraordinary and mundane -- 
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I apologize for being so behind. As usual, the Holy Week caught me by surprise. Good Friday was crazy, and we didn't even make it to church. I never seem to quite get the horse by the reins and things get out of control quickly...but, still, He is risen, and we are saved.

my favorite tulips

all in bloom for Holy week

What I do with every spare moment. I have quite a queue of rosaries to make.

 Guess who measured incorrectly for our new refrigerator? Mea culpa. Good Friday was spent from sun up to way past sundown trying to get two new appliances in. Because we ordered them directly and not from a store, we didn't have a choice in the delivery day. Of course it was Good Friday...

We had to lose the cabinet above the fridge (Doug had already removed it in the above pic)...looking for a wine rack now.

 By Saturday the kitchen was back to normal (new improved normal) and Easter baking was in full swing.

 New dishwasher came in mighty handy this weekend for Easter prep.

 The annual Hot Milk Cake.

 First ever Easter bread.

The kids did the egg coloring this year all by themselves.

 Pretty Easter girl. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate -- it's been raining for four days straight. I feel like we live in a tropical rainforest. Leaving the house she only had to don a little white shrug, however, and not the winter coat I feared.

 My favorite part of every holiday -- setting the dinner table.

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  1. How aggravating about the fridge, but at least you only lost the above cabinet and not the wall! That would have been much more difficult. It looks so pretty!

    Faith is adorable as usual. That dress is perfect for her!

  2. Happy Easter! I love all the pictures! :)

    Our tulips, rhododendrons, and weeping cherry tree finally decided to bloom for Easter Sunday, all at once. It was lovely.

  3. Happy Easter! I love seeing the rosaries you've done.
    A side note... it is best not to store your wine on top of the refrigerator. The heat that is generated from the frig isn't good for the wine. Might I suggest a shelf for cookbooks?

  4. Thanks, Sara. My mom bought the dress and she will wear it again for Joshua's graduation. I was going to make one for both events, but my mom saved me!

    Aimee, Don't you love when nature cooperates with the church calendar? ;-)

    Thank you, Kristina,
    I didn't think about that -- it is really warm up there, and I don't want my good wines to turn to vinegar! I'll have to keep thinking -- not sure if I want to dust all my cookbooks that often, but maybe if the shelf was just the right height I could squeeze them in with not too much space above. Stay tuned...

  5. Happy Easter!

    I love Grace's dress, she looks so sweet and beautiful!

    I also love your new fridge! At least there was a solution to the too big problem!

    Your bread looks great!

  6. New Fridge New Dishwasher...HEAVEN! Congrats to the mama for fun new stuff.

    Food looks great. Table looks great. Daughter is beautiful.

    Happy Easter!!!!!

  7. Beautiful pics, Barb! That Fridge is magnificent!! And I'm so glad it fits now...what a lovely celebration you must have had. A blessed Easter Season to you and yours!

  8. Hehehe...I'm your "anonymous" commenter...I pressed "send" a little too soon!

  9. Woah...that's not a fridge. That's a WALK-IN!!!!!

    I love the tulips, especially those lovely pink ones. I've never seen any that color. And the dress is just gorgeous :)

  10. I can understand about feeling like it's a rainforest ... I was thinking the same myself. Thank goodness Sunday was a gorgeous day. Having a sunny beautiful day on Sunday, besides it being EASTER, really made it feel more like the end of Lent, too!

  11. Lovely Easter photos!! It's such a joyful day, isn't it?!

  12. So glad you have a new dishwasher! I was telling our contractor this past week that I don't think I am ever going to be able to live without one again! :)

    Your Easter Bread and Cake look DELICIOUS!!

    Happy Easter!

  13. What a beautiful dinner table! I wanted to make your milk cake but we were traveling. I'm thinking Divine Mercy Sunday. Happy Easter!!!

  14. Your new fridge is just perfect for you, too bad about the adjustments. I suppose life's like that huh? Love the cake, easter bread, Faith's dress, actually ALL of the photos. Thanks for the uplift today. Hugs!


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