Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
Phil 4:6-7

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pray hard on this


The manufacturers of the Plan B pill are trying to force the hand of the FDA to approve the morning after pill for over-the-counter sales to persons of any age.

If this happens, say goodbye to one more right you have as a parent.

Picture this: your daughter stops at the drug store on her way home from school one day. When she gets home she takes a swig of Diet coke and chugs down a pill that will end a possible early pregnancy.

Imagine that your daughter was pressured into relations by a boy at her school. Imagine that he purchased the pill and coerced her to take it.

Imagine the dozens of scenarios that could play out as a result of any girl -- as young as age 11 -- being able to obtain this pill without her parent's knowledge. Imagine the possible dangerous side effects that she could experience as a result -- side effects of which you would have no understanding.

Imagine the increased promiscuity as a result of fewer imagined consequences.

Imagine the long term destruction to all of those girls.

Imagine the millions of babies lost to corporate greed.

A girl is not a woman. This is not about a woman "having a right to control her own body." This is about stripping a parent's right to protect those children in their care.



  1. Just when you think the world can't get any worse....it does.

    Pray hard.

    Great post Barbara!

    PS, on a lighter note, I'm going to have to try mixing my yellows with my whites....popcorn, not laundry!

  2. Jesus, Almighty, have mercy on us all. I cannot fathom how low humanity has gone . . . humanity doesn't even hold its own life sacred any longer . . . we are becoming animals, are we? Shame on this generation, worse than that which it follows.

    That said, I'm praying HARDER.

  3. Your post broke my heart. Although I'm not a parent yet, this idea chills me to the bone. Praying hard that a stop can be put to this outrageous plan!

  4. Not only may you be losing a right as a parent, you may also be losing your daughter at a relatively young age. Hormone Replacement Therapy was found to incrase cancer in women after menopause. Hormones in the birth control pill and morning after pill may increase cancer rates in young women (which is up 400%) Visit www.bcpinstitute.org

  5. Many start taking pills, etc. at a very young age for various reasons. It becomes very normal for them. Over the years they become numb what they are doing. It happens so gradually to the point where they can't remember not taking something. So it then isn't a big step when they take something for a possible pregnacy. It is just another pill.
    So hungry for love, the love of Christ, His love. So He says to me, to us, "Can I count on you? Can you show them what this love is like? Can you be happy about the Good News? Will you be a Godly example?"
    The frightening thing is that adults may not care about this issue. Many will want this available.
    And as powerful women of faith, as homemakers who are not hidden from the world, rather, homemakers holding it together many times with selfless acts to families, church, and community - we can and will pray about this issue.

  6. My good friend recently told me this heartbreaker of a story: She was out at a MLB game with a young man for whom she had PCA'd since he was a baby, adopted from another country where he had been born to a drug-addicted mom. He was developmentally disabled as a result. As a young man now, he had a girlfriend, also dev. disabled. This young lady started to feel very ill and had to be taken home from the game, barely able to walk. It turned out that she had taken Plan B. The social workers on the case of these vulnerable young adults had instructed them nonjudgmentally about, ahem, "conduct" in an adult relationship, and had obtained this drug for them - no regard for their parents' values. So, so many things wrong here.

  7. Yet the school nurse cannot give my daughter a Tylenol for menstrual cramps without a doctor's note. GAAAAAAAHHHH!

  8. This world is turned on its head. I fear for my grandchildren. We MUST pray! Thank you, Barbara.


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